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1. Discuss the historical evolution of domestic terrorism from the 1960’s to present.

2. Explain the controversial issues regarding the definition and conceptualization of terrorism and hate crimes.

3. Discuss the major ideological differences between right-right wing extremists and hate groups. Give an example of each.

4. Explain whether you agree or disagree with some of the explanations regarding the criminological, sociological, and psychological factors that contribute to the radicalization of homegrown terrorists. Be specific about which factors you are discussing. Provide recent examples.

5. Discuss the challenges that the Internet presents for law enforcement with the emergence of domestic terrorist groups.

Cited facts to support major points. Min 250 each following APA style and citations

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Domestic_Terrorism_In_America.docx (20.69 KB)
Preview: bigger xxxx themselves xxxxxxxxxx A 2015) xxx young Muslim xxx has xxxx xxxxxxx in xxxx school, insulted xx an adult, xxxxxxx sees xxx xxxxxx or xxxxxx ashamed by xxxxxx Americans because xx their xxxx xxxxxxx their xxxxxxxx and religions, xxxx basically grow xx an xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx they xxx not welcome xxx then suddenly xxxxx is xxxx xxxxxx who xxxxx them they xxx be accepted xxxxxxx their xxxxx xxxx this xxxxxxxx of believers xxx young man xxxxx up xxxx xxxx fir xxxxx bullied, vilified xxx shamed because xx his xxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx Basically he xx rejected by xxxxx he xxxxx xxxx and xxxxxxxx by others xxx probably speak xxxx him, xxxx xxxx him xxx basically look xxxxxx his flaws xx is xxxxxx xx hone xxx anger and xxxxxxx it towards xxxxx who xxxxxxx xxxx those xxx shamed his xxxxxx and those xxx have xxxx xxx as xxxx in their xxxx and alas, x terrorist xx xxxx who xxx inflict too xxxx harm (Speckhard x 2015),Discuss xxx xxxxxxxxxx that xxx Internet presents xxx law enforcement xxxx the xxxxxxxxx xx domestic xxxxxxxxx groups The xxxxxxxx is a xxx facilitator xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxx grown terrorists xxxx is because xx connects xxx xxxxxxxxxx with xxxxx who inspire xxxx to extremism xxx their xxxxxxx xxx internet xxx seen to xx that the xxxxxxxxxx no xxxxxx xxxx to xxxxxx long distances xx the Middle xxxx to xxxxxxx xxxx their xxxxxxx and plan xxx attacks With x computer xxx xxxxxxxx connection xxxx can engage xx pilgrims and xxxx teachings xxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxx in Syria xx Iraq or xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx are xxxxx The internet xxxxxxxx an anonymous xxxxxxxx and xxx xxx like xxxxxx person of xxxxxxxxxxxxx beliefs to xxxxx form xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx have xxxxxxxxxxx on extremist’s xxxxxxxxxxx They meet xx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx where xxxx can send xxxxxxxx back and xxxxx that xxxx xx cement xxxxxxxxxxxx messages (Schmitt x 2010) The xxxxxxxx is x xxxxxxxxxxxx.....
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