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Due on: 12/18/2013
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Select and respond to one of the following. If you use additional resources, remember to list them at the end of the posting.

  • Perform a limited risk management activity on your personal computer. Conduct an asset identification (hardware, software, devices, etc. ), threat identification, vulnerability appraisal, risk assessment and risk mitigation. Under each category, describe the elements that pertain to your system. What major vulnerabilities did you find? How can you mitigate the risks?
  • Your author discusses some of the issues associated with rogue access points. Find a least one article that focuses on a defense against rogue access points, and provide a summary as well as a link to the article. In addition, consider that many phones can now act as wifi access points. Would the defense you've summarized work with a wifi rogue access point?
  •">Complete the network / password scanning lab using Wireshark (attached here). See the details in the attached document. Post your findings to the forum.
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Management of risk

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Preview: and xxxxx physical xxxxxxx software includes xxx software owns xx company xxx xxxx which xxxxxxxx all the xxxxxxxxx company has xxxxxx identification xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx different xxxxxxx for each xxxxx Vulnerability appraisal xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx and xxx vulnerabilities that x threat agent xxxxx exploit xx xxxxxxxxxxxx people xx different experience xxxx together for xxxxxxxxxx appraisal xxx xxxx can xx used for xxxxxxxxxxx the use xx software xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Risk.....
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