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world literature 6

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Subject: Literary Studies
Due on: 08/21/2013
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reviewThe Inferno, paying special attention to the opposition between
fraud and God’s love in canto XXXIV, which describes the Ninth Circle of Hell.
According to this canto, fraud is the worst sin possible because it is the polar
opposite of God’s love. This assertion implies that the greater the contrast
between human activity and God’s love, the more evil the deed. Keeping this in
mind identify three additional sins from the assigned cantos. For each sin that
you pick, use your knowledge ofThe Inferno’s architecture to determine
the extent to which the sin contrasts with God’s love. List the three sins
hierarchically in order of the degree of evil that the text attributes to them.

Next, in three paragraphs, justify your
rankings and explain howThe Inferno’s representations of these three
sins develops the poem’s theme of goodversusevil.
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Preview: each xxx that you xxxxx use your xxxxxxxxx of The Inferno’s xxxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx to xxxxx the sin xxxxxxxxx with God’s xxxx List xxx xxxxx sins hierarchically xx order of xxx degree of xxxx that xxx xxxx attributes xx them  Next, xx three paragraphs, xxxxxxx your rankings xxx xxxxxxx how The xxxxxxxxxxx representation of xxxxx three sins develops xxx poem’s xxxxx xx good versus evil xxxxxxx In Dante's xxxxxxxx the first xxxx of xxx xxxx talks xxxxx Hell as xxxx circles In xxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx type of xxx and its.....
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