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Networking paper

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Research the three tools to terminate a twisted-pair cable with an RJ-45 plug: wire cutter, wire stripper, and crimping tool. The research report should include a write-up explaining what each tool does in the context of terminating twisted pair wire. Then, find 3-5 Web site prices and pictures (if possible) for each tool and present the research in tabular form. Finally, find an example of a combination tool that perform two or more of the functions and provide the Web site and the cost for such a tool.

This assignment should be a minimum of 2 page long and is due at the end of the academic week. Include References.

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Networking Tools

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Preview: Tools xxxxx tools xxxx to terminate x twisted-pair cable xxxx an xxxxx xxxx are xxxx cutter Wire xxxxxxxx Crimping tool xxxx cutter xx xxxx to xxxx clean cuts xx both ends xx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx Wire xxxxxxxx is used xx remove the xxxxxx off xx xxx of xxx twisted-pair cable, xxxxxxxx from approximately xxx inch xxxx xxx end xxx it is xxxxxx suggested to xxx to xxxxxx xx damage xxx insulation which xx inside the xxxxxxx pairs xxxx xxxx wires xxx separated and xxx carefully unwind xxx not xxxx xxxx an xxxx Then all xxx eight wires xxxx to xx xxxxxxx on xxx flat surface, xxx next to xxxxx according xx xxxxx colors xxx positions Then xxx the wires xxx kept xx xxxxxx in xxxx and are xxxxx into their xxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxx plug xxxxx the full xxxxxxxxx of wires, xxxxx plug xxx xxxxxx in xxx crimping tools xxx crimping of xxxxx into xxxxx xxxxxxxx toll xxxxxx the internal xxxxx pins to xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxx by creating xxxxxxxx between two xxxxxxxxxx After xxxx xxxxx connector xxxxx be removed xxxx crimping tool xxxx comes xxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx end to xxx that whether xxxx wire xxxxxxx xx be xx contact with xxx pin Just xx seeing xxx xxxxxxxxx it xxxxxxx difficult to xxxxxxxx but the xxxx test xx xxxx your xxxxx will successfully xxxxxxxx and receive xxxxxxx (Dean, xxxxx xxxx PricePictureWebsite xxxx cutterUS 13-15 x Piece HYPERLINK xxxxxxxxx alibaba xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx http//www xxxxxxx com/showroom/wire-cutter-price htmlWire xxxxxxxxxx 95 HYPERLINK xxxxxxxxx professionalequipment xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx professionalequipment xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx tool 52 xx HYPERLINK http//www xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx com/wire-strippers/ xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx com/wire-strippers/ x combination tool xxxxx includes needle-nose xxxxx.....
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