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Research employment possibilities in the networking 300 words

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Research employment possibilities in the networking area by reviewing networking job postings online and in print. Write a case report for two job postings. The report should include the following sections for each job posting: organization name; job title; country/state; educational requirements; hands-on experience requirements; certification requirements; contract type (part-time, full-time, contract); salary range; and benefits. (this part can be cut and paste) After each one, discuss in and additional paragraph or two, your thoughts on whether you are a fit for that specific job. What areas do you lack in experience? What are your thoughts on the requirements for that job? Are they too heavy or too light? Why?

. Ensure you're using standard formatting for class papers and that you cite and reference any sources used. At least 300 hundred words

Tags words networking poibilities employment research requirements experience thoughts report postings contract networking specific areas lack benefits paste paragraph discu additional heavy ensure reference cite sources used words papers formatting range youre using standard light type

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Networking Job Postings Paper (100% Original and Fresh Work APA Format )

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Tutorial Preview …The xxxxx job xx required Computer xxxxxxxxxx and Security xxxxxxx in xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Jersey xxxxx USA The xxxxxxxxxxx…
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Preview: organization, xxxx Falls, xxx The educational xxxxxxxxxxx is Associates xxxxxx in xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx field xxxxxxxxxx requirement includes xxxx 5 Years xxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx test, xxxxxxxxx monitor and xxxxxxxxxxxx end-user workstation xxxxxxxxx networked xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx hardware products xxxxxxxxxxxxx requirements include xxxxxxxxx Office xxxxxxxx xxx Windows xxxxxxxxxx environment This xxx is part/full xxxx salary xxxxxxx xxxxx along xxxx 7 leave xxx year and.....
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