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Subject: Economics
Due on: 09/04/2016
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Each answer must be at least 200 words. This exam is worth 25 percent of your grade. Do not just copy from the text as that will get you a grade of C or less. This exam is due Wednesday of Week 7.

1) What is Fiscal Policy? Why is it important to the economy? How does it affect Gross Domestic Product?

2) What would you do to stop the rising public debt. How does this affect Gross Domestic Product?

3. What is a major function of money? How does taxing money lower opportunity for working Americans?

4. What is Monetary Policy? How does Monetary Policy affect growth and production of companies?

5. Why is International Competitiveness good for the economics of the world? Give two examples of how you benefit from international trade.

Tags macroeconomics does affect policy domestic exam international grade money monetary trade americans4 opportunity taxing lower working production economics world examples good competitivene benefit function companies5 growth public text wednesday week copy

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Preview: rising xxxxxx debt? xxx does this xxxxxx Gross Domestic xxxxxxxxxx the xxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx thegovernmenthas to xxxxxxx the economic xxxxxxxx directly xxxx xxx buying xx the goods xxx services At xxx date xx xxx recession xxxxxxxx agents have x wrong expectation xxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxx At xxxx period government xxxxxxxxx the tax xxxx and xxxx xxxxx that xxxxx domestic products xxx high at xxx date xx xxx recession xxxx thetax rate xxxxxxxxx commodities prices xxx also xxxx xxx to xxxx public debt xxxxx is high xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx growing xxxx occurrences is xxxxxxxx through which xxxxxxxxxx policies xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to x US report, xxxxxx debt rate xx high, xxx xxxx reason xx the debt xxxxxx is that xxx government xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx trying xx enhancement the xxxxxxx of that xxxxxxx and xxx xx reduce xxxxx spending in xxx recession time xxxxxxxxxx finance xxxxxxxxxx xx healthy xxx to this xxxxxx debt ratio xx high xxxx xxx GDP xxxx is high, xxxx the tax xxxx and xxx xxxxxxx are xxxx high In xxxx situation, thegovernmentwanted xx reduce xxxxx xxxx crises xxx sustained for xxx longer period xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxx government xxxxx not paidwithin xxx short phase xxx government xxxxxx xxxx a xxxxxxxxx strategy to xxxxxx the public xxxx crises xxx xxx to xxxxxxxx the deficit xxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxx (n xxx xxxx is x major function xx money? How xxxx taxing xxxxx xxxxx opportunity xxx working Americans?Money xx a form xx goods xxxxx xxxxxx expected xx exchange of xxxxx and services xxxxx can xx xxxx.....
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