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Applied economics paper

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Subject: Economics
Due on: 07/24/2016
Posted On: 07/24/2016 12:16 PM

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I chose the topic of Protectionism effects on GDP or inflation

and it requires dataset worked on STATA or SPSS




[Add in week 6: Abstract of paper in 50 words or less]


[Add in week 5: Short introduction, just a single page or two, which provides a justification for why your paper is interesting, and why someone should want to read it. Include your clearly stated research question and briefly state how you plan to answer it in this work]

Literature Review

[Add in week 3: Here, write your literature review, citing all papers and related sources as you go. This should include at least 10 sources on your topic, and each one must be included in the references section at the end of this document. This will probably be 3-5 pages long. Take a look at some of your papers that you are using as to how they handle this section as a guide.]


[Add in week 4: Here, just summarize the data, telling me where it's from, how it was gathered, when, how many observations, etc. Then also include a summary statistics table of the variables relevant to your research. This will probably be just 1-2 pages.]

Methods and Results

[Add in week 5: Here you will explain what sort of model you're using (probably multiple regression), and show the output of your regressions, discussing the results, and what they mean. This should include discussion of statistical significance, and any weaknesses noted in your results. This will probably be 5-10 pages]

Conclusion and Extension

[Add in week 5: Summarize your paper, offering any extensions to future authors which you might recommend. This can be brief; perhaps less than a page.]


[Add in week 3: This is a list in any accepted format (APA, Harvard, etc. It doesn't matter to me... just be consistent) of the resources cited in your literature review and elsewhere. All references should be alphabetized by the last name of the lead author.]

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Applied economics paper

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