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MHR 6551, Training and Development Assessment I

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Subject: Computer Science
Due on: 08/07/2013
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Question 1

  1. Knowledge is composed of which three interrelated types?

4 points

Question 2

  1. A mechanistic design is best applied in which of the following situations?

4 points

Question 3

  1. Strategic planning is best defined as:

4 points

Question 4

  1. Organizational development is best defined as

4 points

Question 5

  1. Which best explains the strategic training alternative of the internal provider?

4 points

Question 6

  1. In the evaluation of training, a determination of whether the trainer actually covered all aspects of the training as designed is called

4 points

Question 7

  1. What is ISO 9000?

4 points

Question 8

  1. What are some reasons companies should invest in strategic HR?

4 points

Question 9

  1. OD interventions could be implemented more successfully if they included training where employees

4 points

Question 10

  1. In the training process model, evaluation begins at which point?

4 points

Question 11

  1. Define KSA’s and explain the different levels of each.
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30 points

Question 12

  1. Describe how the model of training processes serves as a problem?solving tool. Include a brief explanation of each of the five phases.

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MHR 6551, Training and Development Assessment I

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Preview: a xxxxx explanation xx each of xxx five phases xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Answer:The xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Model xx a Problem xxxxxxx Tool In today’s xxxxxxxx training xxx xxxxxx an xxxxxxxx part of xxx organization Training xxx become x xxxxxxx solving xxxxxxxx related to xxxxxxxxx and organizational xxxxxxxx Training xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx if xxxxx giving training xxx organization used xxxxxxxx model xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx in xxxxxxx fields like; xxxxxxx in customer xxxxxxxx changes xx xxxxxxxxx morale; xxxxxx competitive markets; xxxxxxxxxx employee turnover; xxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxx industry; changes xx the economic xxxxxxxx (Blanchard xxxxx xxxxxxxx 2010) xxxxxxxx modelFor designing xx a training xxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxx This approach xx the training xxxxx which xx xxxxx as x D D x E process xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxx A x D I x model is x five xxxx xxxxxxxx Analyze xxx needs, Design, xxxxxxxx Implement, and xxxxxxxx Step xx xxxxxxx the xxxxxx The trainers xxxxxxxx with the xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxx a team xxx accomplishing the xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx program Step xx Design:.....
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