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Network Requirements for Emerging Technologies PPT

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create a PowerPoint presentation on emerging technologies with an emphasis on Broadband technology and the Internet. Be sure to do the following in your presentation:
• Evaluate real-time internetworking infrastructures that can support transmissions using Internet protocol television (IPTV), Terrestrial networks, and broadband satellite systems (e.g., iPhone w/radio).
• Analyze emerging telecommunication standards such as IPv6 and how they affect network growth and speed,
• Discuss the reliability, consistency, and cost of new technologies like voice over IP, cloud computing, service-oriented architectures and peer to peer applications, and the skills required to implement the networks that can utilize those technologies,
• Compare and contrast the features of the technologies described in the first part of your presentation and develop guidelines for implementation.
Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and p

10 ppt pages with 100 words or less in speaker notes.

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Network Requirements for Emerging Technologies

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