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CSU FIR3301 Unit VIII Research Paper

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Due on: 05/31/2016
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I need a five- to seven-page research paper on one of the topics:

? Smoke movement in buildings

? Fire movement in buildings

? The importance of measurement in understanding fire behavior

? Chemical elements that are especially important in fires

? Fuel-lean, stoichiometric, and fuel-rich combustion

? The three states of matter

? The components of fire

? The physical and chemical properties of fire

? The chemistry and dynamics of fire

? Materials and their relationship to fires as fuel

? The characteristics of water as a fire suppression agent

? Suppression agent strategies, methods and techniques of fire extinguishment

APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. All sources used, including the textbook, must have accompanying citations, and may include Internet sources, books and professional journals. Your research paper must contain at least three references.

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CSU FIR3301 Unit VIII Research Paper

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Unit_VIII_Research_Paper.docx (17.51 KB)
Preview: for xxxxx A, x and C xxxxx (Mawhinney & xxxx 2016) xxx xxxxxxxxxx also xxxxxxxxxxx the carbon xxxxxxx suppression agent xxxx is xxxx xx be xxxxxxxxx for fires xxxxxxxxx the electric xxxxxxxxx as xxxx xx class x fires; that xx the fires xxxxxxxxx liquid xxxxxx xxxxx However, xx the liquid xxxxxx fires, no xxxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xx this xxxxxx since igniting xx possible later xxxx fire xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxx alternatives to xxx water suppression xxxxx The xxxx xx suitable xxx the class x and B xxxxx but xx xxx suitable xxx electric fire xxx chemical is xxxx to xx xxxxxxxx for xxxxx F type xx fires Literature xxxxxx portrays xxxxx xx having xxx following characteristics xx a fire xxxxxxxxxxx agent xxxxxx xxx fire xx seen to xx a heat xxxxxxxxxx agent xxxxxxx xx al xxxxx In this xxxxx water is xxxx to xxxxxx xxx fire xxxx is released xx the fire xxxx its xxxxxxxx xx the xxxx or place xxxx has got xxxx The xxxxx xxxxxxxx however, xxxxx to be xxxxxxxxxx enough to xxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xx the xxxx that it xx intended to xxx off xxxxx xxx water xx also seen xx have the xxxxxx replacement xxxxxx xx its xxxxxxx As water xx sprayed into xxx fire, xxxxxxxxxx xx stopped xxxxxx immediately or xxxxxxxxx depending on xxx size xx xxxx or xxxxxx of water xxxxxxx This explains xxx the xxxx xxxxxxxxxx goes xxx due to xxx lack of xxxxxx that xx xxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxxx Thirdly, water xx seen to xxxx the xxxxxxx xxxx attenuation xxxxxx (Gupta, et xx 2012) This xx explained xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx on xxxxxxx the surface xxxx the water xx being xxxxxxx xx is xxxxxx or is xxx burned yet xx the xxxx xx the xxxxxxxx surface, the xxxxx.....
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