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Socialogy Exam

Question # 00002801
Subject: Foreign Languages / General Foreign Languages
Due on: 10/25/2013
Posted On: 10/25/2013 08:02 PM
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Question 1

Euthanasia comes from the Greek term meaningAnswer quick death.

easy death.

forever sleep.

deliberate death.

.2 points

Question 2

A codicil relates toAnswer rewriting a will.

amending a will

making an oral will.

formalizing a will.

.2 points

Question 3

Which industrialized countries are identified in the text as permitting euthanasia to patients who request death?Answer Canada, Italy, and Sweden


Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg


.2 points

Question 4

The potential benefits of life insurance include all of the following EXCEPT:Answer it makes funds available immediately after death.

it increases social security benefits

it may reduce stress.

it can provide a sense of security to the bereaved spouse and other dependents.

.2 points

Question 5

What is a fundamental principal in medical care which involves doing good or conferring benefits that enhance personal or social well-being?Answer informed consent to treatment

comfort measures only (CMO)


medical heroics

.2 points

Question 6

In the United States, the first life insurance company was established in what year?Answer 1659




.2 points

Question 7

All of the following occurred with Karen Ann Quinlan EXCEPT:Answer Her parents requested that she be removed from a mechanical respirator.

The request of Karen's parents was opposed by the medical staff and resulted in a judicial suit.

The Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled in favor of the medical staff and Karen remained on the respirator.

Karen's case became a focal point for issues pertaining to "death with dignity."

.2 points

Question 8

What term is used to describe a state of profound unconsciousness lasting a few days or weeks?Answer persistent vegetative state

minimally conscious state


post-coma unresponsiveness

.2 points

Question 9

What type of settlement allows a person with life-threatening illness to sell his or her life insurance policy before death and receive a percentage of its face value?Answer volume




.2 points

Question 10

How can a will be amended?Answer It cannot be amended after it is signed.

It must be completely replaced if a change is requested.

By executing a codicil.

By the executor during the reading of the will.

.2 points

Question 11

According to Kübler-Ross, all of the following are associated with a life-threatening illness EXCEPT:Answer depression.




.2 points

Question 12

In Kenneth Doka's "Tasks in Coping with Life-threatening Illness," which phase is characterized by "living with the disease"?Answer terminal




.2 points

Question 13

What is visualization?Answer The patient imagines what the afterlife will be like.

The patient imagines the therapeutic agent inside the body helping to restore health.

An activity of terminally ill patients to imagine how their families will deal with their deaths.

Patients working to integrate emotions and cognitions to bring about changes in their families' perceptions about death.

.2 points

Question 14

The therapies included under complementary and alternative medicine are sometime referred to asAnswer integrative medicine

twenty-first century medicine

hexachordal medicine

non-standard practice medicine

.2 points

Question 15

Charles Corr's primary dimensions in coping with dying are physical, psychological, spiritual, andAnswer religious




.2 points

Question 16

The way in which an individual copes with dyingAnswer depends on doctors' attitudes.

contrasts with usual coping patterns.

depends on the length of the illness and prognosis.

will likely reflect the ways one has coped with other losses.

.2 points

Question 17

Which of the following are spiritual needs of dying patients?

1. need for hope and creativity

2. need to complete a will for loved ones

3. need to give and receive love

4. need for meaning and purposeAnswer 1, 2 and 3

1, 3 and 4

1, 2 and 4

2, 3 and 4

.2 points

Question 18

A biopsy is BEST defined asAnswer a partial autopsy.

cancer testing on laboratory animals.

the surgical removal of a small amount of tissue for diagnosis.

a twofold process for ending life.

.2 points

Question 19

Side effects experienced by patients receiving chemotherapy can include all of the following EXCEPT:Answer nausea and digestive problems.

loss of hair.

cyanotic lymph nodes.

mouth sores.

.2 points

Question 20

Chronic pain usually persists longer thanAnswer one to two weeks

two to four weeks

one to three months

three to six months

.2 points

Question 21

The "ashes" left from the cremation process areAnswer 20 to 30 pounds in weight.

like coarse coral sand.

different shades according to the person's ethnicity.

are often placed in a haka in the United States.

.2 points

Question 22

Jessica Mitford found modern funeral practices to beAnswer commercial and conspicuous.

enlightening and mystical.

beautiful and satisfactory.

morbid and bizarre.

.2 points

Question 23

Personalized funerals are also calledAnswer green burials.

life-centered funerals.



.2 points

Question 24

Roadside memorials marking travel-related deathsAnswer are a new phenomenon.

must be approved and designed by state road crews.

are also called descansos.

are found only in America.

.2 points

Question 25

Which of the following is generally considered an experimental medical technology?Answer harvesting of organs


burial at sea

donation to science

.2 points

Question 26

Funerals are akin to other major transitions in a person's life in that they all involveAnswer rites of passage.

numbers of people.

family and professionals.


.2 points

Question 27

Approximately what percentage of Americans knew within the first hour of President John F. Kennedy's death?Answer 20 percent

50 percent

75 percent

90 percent

.2 points

Question 28

Funeral parlors acquired that name becauseAnswer parlor is a pun as it comes from the same root word as pale or dead.

church officials wanted a separate place for funeral services.

undertakers wanted to disguise the reality of death.

viewing the body used to take place in the parlor of the family home.

.2 points

Question 29

According to Bertram Puckle, funeral ritesAnswer are the most important function related to death.

must adjust to modern social values.

reflect a superstitious fear of the dead.

should become more religious in nature.

.2 points

Question 30

In the United States, funerals are mainlyAnswer structured around the wishes of the deceased.

enacted to preserve memories of the deceased.

focused on the welfare of the survivors.

seen as a vehicle for the dead to emigrate.

.2 points

Question 31

What is our "assumptive world"?Answer our circle of family, friends and community

the world we expect to be stable and reliable

the world created after experiencing a loss

our religious or spiritual beliefs

.2 points

Question 32

Whose model focuses on four tasks of mourning, including accepting the reality of the loss, processing the pain of grief, adjusting to the world without the deceased and finding an enduring connection with the deceased?Answer Wass




.2 points

Question 33

Terry Martin and Kenneth Doka identify the pattern of grieving physically, such as with restlessness or mental activity, asAnswer intuitive.


physical grief.

expressive grief.

.2 points

Question 34

Grief experienced in connection with a loss that is not socially supported or acknowledged through the usual rituals is termedAnswer disenfranchised.




.2 points

Question 35

Factors that can restimulate grief for survivors of a homicide are termedAnswer recurring events.

secondary events.

trigger events.

grief events.

.2 points

Question 36

Which of the following typically occurs during the middle period of grief?Answer disorganization and disbelief

denial and refusal to accept death

relief and mental balance

sadness and longing

.2 points

Question 37

What organized support group assists families who are coping with the death of a child?Answer Kindermourn

Bereaved Friends of Oregon

Angel Flight

The Compassionate Friends

.2 points

Question 38

According to the Dual-Process Model of Coping, what coping behavior includes developing a new identity and mastering tasks that had been taken care of by the deceased?Answer loss-oriented


dynamic process


.2 points

Question 39

Anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, and holidaysAnswer are usually happy times even in the midst of mourning.

can reawaken unexpected feelings of grief.

are traditionally used to mark a loved one's absence.

must be celebrated just as before the death.

.2 points

Question 40

Lyn Lofland suggests that some of the "ties that bind" us to one another are the roles we play, the help we receive and theAnswer wider network of others made available to us.

shared experiences such as birth and death.

linking objects in our lives.

religious, spiritual and mystical beliefs.

.2 points

Question 41

Which of the following BEST characterizes the concerns of seriously ill children ages five to nine?Answer discomforting and possibly disfiguring effects of the disease and medical procedures

separation from mother

anxiety related to the deaths of other children

being left out of the communication loop about their course of treatment and treatment options

.2 points

Question 42

When parents explain death to children, they shouldAnswer use nursery rhymes to soften the trauma of death.

be honest and straightforward.

avoid using the words death or dead.

encourage children to hope that they will be with the deceased again soon.

.2 points

Question 43

In explaining death to children, statements like "gone away for a long sleep" and "up in heaven"Answer allow for misconceptions and literal interpretations.

must be followed by an explanation about life after death.

help make sense of death to young children.

give a clear picture and explanation about death.

.2 points

Question 44

The text uses the example of the young woman who avoided seeds into adulthood to illustrate howAnswer illogical children's perceptions of death can be.

children can become confused by metaphors.

common items can scare children.

children under five don't need explanations about cancer.

.2 points

Question 45

If a child believes he or she may have played a role in the events that led to a death, what emotion might predominate among those experienced?Answer anger




.2 points

Question 46

Coping is most likely to become complicated when the death of a parent results fromAnswer cancer.


kidney failure.

lung disease.

.2 points

Question 47

When discussing death with a child, an adult shouldAnswer tell the truth no matter how complex it may be.

tell the truth while considering the child's developmental level and ability to understand.

avoid the issue and divert the child's attention.

make an association such as "cancer is like a bad seed growing in your body".

.2 points

Question 48

Of all the deaths that may be experienced in childhood, the most affecting is likely to be the death of aAnswer pet.




.2 points

Question 49

When discussing death in conjunction with religious beliefs, parents shouldAnswer tell children that God needed another angel.

remind children that the world functions in mysterious ways.

introduce children to other religious viewpoints.

inform children that religious viewpoints are beliefs.

.2 points

Question 50

The well child in a family where a sibling or parent is terminally illAnswer can balance conflicting emotions by participating in the family process.

should avoid participation in the family crises to avoid anger and resentment.

often copes with crises worse than other children of the same age.

should be temporarily sent to live with close relatives.


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