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Music End-of Term Written Assignment

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Subject: Music
Due on: 08/06/2013
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Music 002
End-of Term Written Assignment: Due: 11:59 p.m., Tuesday, August 06, 2013


This end-of-term written assignment (600 - 800 words, typewritten) will be an examination and analysis of a selected film clip, and the role of music—and more broadly, the role of sound—within that clip, as it interacts with the film’s visual track. Each student will select a clip between two and five minutes in length (with perhaps some flexibility in length, one way or the other, depending on the clip). Your paper provides an opportunity to apply the O.A.R.S model of examination (Observation, Analysis, Reflection, Synthesis), which has been practiced in the discussion boards, and which has been repeatedly modeled in the lessons of this course. The key is to focus, and to examine in detail.

Here are some more tips about writing your paper: You can assume the reader has seen the film, but you still want to orient your reader with a brief introduction of your topic. Similarly, at the end of your paper, you want a conclusion that provides insight and synthesis--stating the sorts of things that come from reflecting on the observations and analysis that make up the "meat" of your paper.

My movie is " Pulp Fiction " . Choose any 2-5 minutes film clip . Price = 25 $

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Pulp Fiction

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Tutorial Preview …Pulp xxxxxxx Pulp xxxxxxx is known xx be one xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxx in xxx crime genre xx all times xxx movie xxx xxxx acclaimed xxx praised and xxxxxxxxx many awards xx got xxxx xxxxxxx from xxx critics as xxxx as high xxxxxxxxxxxx from xxx xxxxxx too xxx scene we xxxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx of xxxx xxxxx is xxx one where xxxxxxx Vega (John xxxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxx (Uma xxxxxxxx are sitting xx a restaurant xxx talking xxx xxxxx is xxxxx referred as xxxxxxxxxxxxx silence The xxxxxxxx of xxxx xxxx is x minutes 42 xxxxxxx This is x scene xxxxx xxx music xxx the background xx quite important xxx setting xxxxx xxxxx appropriate xxxx the time xxxxxx the movie xxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxx xx the…
Pulp_Fiction.docx (26.03 KB)
Preview: the xxxx period xxx movie depicts xxx background in xxx beginning xxxx xxx clip xxxxxx there Vincent xxx Mia start x small xxxxx xxx can xxxx rustling sounds xx cups and xxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxxxx strangers This xxxxx the clip xx authenticity xx x real xxxxxxx where there xxx so many xxxxx sounds xxx xxx camera xxxx meets this xxxxxxxx as the xxxxxxxxxx images xxxxxx xxxx go xxxx well with xxx hustle bustle xxxxx used xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx progresses, Vincent xxxxx a few xxxx from xxxxxxx xxxxx and xx is perfectly xxxxxxxx in the xxxxx too xxxxx xx the xxxxx of sipping xxxx a thick xxxxxxxxx adding xx xxx authenticity xx this scene xxx moment Vincent xxxxxxxx his xxx xxxxx is x.....
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