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According to Sollecito& Johnson (2013), “Organizations do not suddenly start making mistakes. They tend to slide imperceptibly into a set of conditions that produce medical errors” (p. 327). After completing this week’s reading discuss this concept as it relates to quality patient outcomes. Answer the following questions:

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In your opinion, do you believe that errors in the hospital setting are inevitable? Why or why not?
b. If the most frequent type of error is omitting a step in delivering care (Sollecito& Johnson, 2013, p. 312), would it be better to focus on the individual who omitted the step or the system in which they work? Explain your answer.
c. What role could being a “learning organization” play in reducing errors?


Disclosure and Litigation

Complete the week’s reading and view the Safe Patient Project video">Linda: Katy, TX, then answer the following questions:

a. What was the error(s) in the case presented in the video?

b. Why do you think the error(s) happened? What might the contributing factor(s) be in this situation?

c. Imagine you are this patient's physician and are meeting with the family member to describe what happened. How would you communicate the error?

d. Do you believe there is a link between how the error was disclosed and the actions the family member took afterward? Explain your answer.

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Tutorial Preview …xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx’x xxxxxxx discuss this xxxxxxx as xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx outcomes xxxxxx xxx following xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx do xxx xxxxxxx that xxxxxx in the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxxx…
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Preview: so xx they xxxxx then the xxxxx will be xxx on xxx xxxxxx rather xxxx on individual xxxx way, mistakes xxxxxx breakdowns xx xxx system, xxxxxx than personal xxxxxxxx So it xx the xxxxxx xxxxxxx for xxxx the patient xxx the provider xxxxxxxx Ine08 xx xxxx (Inevitable xxxxxxxxx Avoidable Harm, xxxxx Learning organizations xxxx an xxxxxxxxx xxxx in xxxxxxxx the errors xxxxxxx they will xxxxx new xxxxxxxx xx report xxxxxxxx They will xxx communication approach xxxx calls xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx for quality xxxxxxxxxxx They will xxxxxxxx ailments xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx sure xx give right xxxxxxxxxx to patients, xxxx precautions xx xxxx patients xxxx These new xxxxxxxxxx to reporting xxxxxxxxx and xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxx are part xx what the xxxxxxxx calls xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx diagnosing xxxxxxxx promptly and xxxxxxxxxxx making sure xxxxxxxx get xxx xxxxx medication xx the right xxxxx taking precautions xx keep xxxxxxxx xxxx from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx infections; and xxxxxxx up systems xxxx make xxxxxxx xxxxxx References xxxxxxxxxxxx Inevitable Mistakes, xxxxxxxxx Harm (2008, xxxxxxxxxxxx Retrieved xxxx xxx 2013, xxxx http://harvardmagazine com/: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx com/2008/03/inevitable-mistakes-avoi html xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.....
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