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leader_member Exchange Model

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leader-member Exchange Model

You have been invited by the human resources manager of a medium-sized company to prepare a "report" on "In Groups and Out Groups." The report will be distributed to departmental VPs and directors.

In the report you should:

1.Introduce the concepts of In and Out groups.

2.Describe a situation where you (or someone you know) were a member of the "In group" and another situation where you (or someone you know) were a member of the "Out group." This should be an example from your own business experience.

3.Analyze and explain the major differences between the two situations.

4.Explain how having an in-group and an out-group affected the groups and the organization.

5.To what extent was membership in either the in-group or the out-group based on task related performance factors? What non-task related factors entered into the decision?

6.Describe the implications for leadership and a leader's relationship with followers.

Use the Library or other Web resources to support your argument. Be sure to cite your sources using APA Style 6th edition guidelines.

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Leader-member Exchange Model

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Tutorial Preview …invited xx xxx xxxxx resource manager xx x xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxx Out Groups x We xxxx xxxx told xxxx this report xxxx…
leader-member_exchange_model.docx (27.43 KB)
Preview: she xxxxxxxx that xxx was out-group xxxxxx and this xxx the xxxxxx xxx she xxx not given xxxxxxxxxx Out of xxxxx she xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx which has xxxxxxxx her quality xx health xxx xxxx her xxxxxxxxxxx and consequently xxx give low xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx xxx got xxxxx from the xxx Another example xxxx suits xxxxxxxxx xxx in-group xxxxxxx is, I xxxx another friend, xxx has xxxxxxxxx xxx Bachelors xxxxxx and went xx to complete x Masters xx xx and xxxxxxxx Science She xxx only 25 xxxx she xxxx xxx her xxxxxxx After this xxx decided to xxxx It xx xxxx to xxx that from xxx day she xxxxx working xxx xxxx performance xxxxxxx and got xxxxx very well xxxx her xxxxxxxxxx xxx supervisors xxx reached a xxxxx where supervisors xxxx her xxxxx xxxxxx that xxx beyond her xxxxx of employment, xxx she xx xxx the xxxx overwhelmingly because xxx knew that xxxx work xx xxxx temporary xxx slowly she xxxxxxxx that supervisors xxx organizations xxx xxx more xxx more depending xx her so xx decided xx xxxxxxxxx a xxxxxx pay grade xxx a promotion xx supervisors xxx xxx developed xxxx esteem from xxxxxxxxxxx and also xxxxxxxx great xxxxxxxxxxx xx a xxxxxx she achieved x new position, xx new xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx too xxxxxx less than x years time xxxx.....
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