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DEVRY RELI448 WEEK 3 and week 4 discussions

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Subject: Religious Studies
Due on: 07/21/2014
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The Four Noble Truths (graded)

The most important of the Four Noble Truths is the fourth, the Noble Eightfold Path. Did anything in particular strike you about these "paths” (e.g., the idea of "right thoughts," that we should always try to act with pure motives)? Do you see any similarities between the Noble Eightfold Path and Christianity? Did Jesus say anything similar to Buddha in this regard? Elaborate.

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Two Parables: The Prodigal Son (graded)

Read the Buddhist and Christian versions of the prodigal son">">

What do you see as the main difference between these two stories? You can start by simply taking one element of the parable and discussing how this element differs in the two parables. For example, how is the role of the father different in the Buddhist and Christian versions of the story? Elaborate.

week 4

Confucius Says… (graded)

Confucius was once asked if there was one rule that could serve as the guide to one's whole life. He replied: "What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others." How does this rule compare with Jesus' teaching on the Golden Rule? Look at these Biblical verses to see if you can tell the difference: Matthew 7:12; Matthew 5:21-26, 43-48 (see the Webliography for an online Bible). Is there one rule that you live by?

East Meets West (graded)

The ideas of the Tao Te Ching (Daodejing) have been widely translated into English. Some might recall the delightful children’s version of The Tao of Poo and The Te of Piglet. Consider this saying: "The best man is like water. Water is good; it benefits all things and does not compete with them. It dwells in places that all disdain...The best man in his dwelling loves the earth..." What does this mean to you? Do you agree with this philosophy? Can you see any connection between Taoism and the environmental movement? Elaborate.

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DEVRY RELI448 WEEK 3 and week 4 discussions

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Preview: living xxxxx peace xxxxx peace is xxxxxxx following The xxxxx Eightfold xxxxx xxxxx understanding,right xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx speech,right action,right xxxxxxxxxx effort,right meditation,right xxxxxxxxxxxxx Buddhism xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx Indian xxxxxxxxxx but practicing xx Asian territories xxxx distinct xxxxxxxx xxxxxx Japan, xxxxxx South Asia xxx me, Tibetan Buddhism xxxxxxxxx more xx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx origin of xxxxx being than xxxxxx Buddhism xxxxxxxx xxx Parables: xxx Prodigal Son xxxxxxxxxxxx the Buddhist xxx Christian xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx son story: xxxxxxxxx "http://www comparativereligion xxxxxxxxxxxx html" xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx com/prodigal xxxxxxxx do you xxx as the xxxx difference xxxxxxx xxxxx two xxxxxxxx You can xxxxx by simply xxxxxx one xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx and discussing xxx this element xxxxxxx in xxx xxx parables xxx example, how xx the role xx the xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx in xxx Buddhist and xxxxxxxxx versions of xxx story? xxxxxxxxx x have xx admit, I xxx a little xxxxxxxxx reading xxx xxxxxxxx version xx the prodigal xxxxxxx was very xxxxxxx and xxxxx x already xxxx the preconception xx what the xxxxx is xxxxxx xx got x little boring xx But the xxx parables xxxxx xxx same xxxxxxx indicating that xx matter how xxxxxxxxxxx you xxxxx xxxxx you xxx and thinking xxx might go xx in xxxx xxxxxxx God xxx literally shunning xxx away from xxxx life, xxx xxxxxx you xxxx upon His xxxxx He is xxxxx for xxx xxx accept xxx back with xx open arm xx God xx xxx merciful xxx all loving xxx forgiving, and xx matter xxx xxxx you xxxx sinned, there xx no sin xxxxxxx than xxx xxxxx as xxxx as you xxxxx repent and xxxx that xxxx xxxxx is xxxx God, then xxx can return xx Him xxx xx will xxxxxx you as xxx child   xxxx reminds xx xx the xxxxxx Noah  .....
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