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LEG 100 Week 2 dq

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Subject: Law
Due on: 07/24/2013
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"Dispute Resolution" Please respond to the following: Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using the U.S. court system to alternative dispute resolution methods. From the e-Activity, determine the value of alternative dispute resolution methods to a small-business owner. Provide specific examples to support your response. "The Bill of Rights" Please respond to the following: In reviewing the Bill of Rights, discuss which amendment has the biggest influence on businesses. Give an example to support your answer. From a manager’s point of view, tell what might happen if a manager does not know or understand the Constitutional basis of business. Explain the possible ramifications. (max word count 350. Plus APA style two works cites)
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LEG 100 week 2 dq

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Tutorial Preview …businesses xxxx an xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxx answer xxxx x xxxxxxx’x xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx does xxx xxxx or xxxxxxxxxx xxx Constitutional xxxxx xx business xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxx the Title xxx of the xxxxx Rights xxx xx xxxx x xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Section 703, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Equality xxxxxx xx xxx…
dispute_resolution.docx (13.4 KB)
Preview: , structured xxxx of xxxxx and regulations xxx the limited xxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx a xxxxxxx Also the xxxx that the xxxxxxxxxxx only xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx monetary xxxxxxxx is a xxxxx inefficiency There xxxxx also xx x difference xxxxxxx arbitrator’s and xxx court’s decision xxx many x xxxxx ADR xxxx not provide xxxxxxxxxxxxx resolution  The xxxxxxxx side xx xxx is xxxx it allows x speedy trial xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx comparatively.....
the_bill_of_rights_final.docx (13.89 KB)
Preview: the xxxxxxxx ramifications x think the xxxxx VII of xxx Civil xxxxxx xxx of xxxx - The xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Section 703, xxxxxxxx Employment xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx impacts xxxxxxxxxx Equality should xx the only xxxxx of xxxxxx xx employee xxxx is because xxxxx job opportunity only xxxxx a xxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx of any xxxxxxxxxx An individual’s own xxxxxx his xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx efficiency xxxx work seriousness and xxxxx issues should xx taken xxxx xxxxxxx during xxx recruitment Employer’s method xx hiring an xxxxxxxxxx.....
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