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Laboratory Report Cover SheetDeVry UniversityCollege of Engineering and Information SciencesCourse Number: ECET330Professor: Laboratory Number: 4Laboratory Title: Introduction to Tower ModuleSubmittal Date:Click here to enter a date.Objectives:Results:Conclusions:Team:NameProgramSignatureObservations/Measurements:IV. 2-A. Copy and paste the source code.IV. 2-B. Copy and paste the memory window showing the value of PTT.IV. 3.A- Copy and paste the source code.IV. 3. B. Show the one-second delay calculation.IV. 3. C. Describe the LED values.IV. 4. A. Copy and paste the source code.IV. 4. B. Show the 0.75-second delay calculation.IV. 4. C. Describe the LED values.IV. 5. A. Cut and paste the source code.IV. 5. B. Show the 0.5-second delay calculation.IV. 5. C. Describe the LED values.Grade:DeliverablePoints AvailablePoints AchievedLaboratory Cover Sheet8Working Circuit(s)/Program(s)12Observations/Measurements10Questions0Total Points30Comments:


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ECET 330 Homework / Lab

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Complete the attached documents. For lab use instructions for procedure and coversheet for answers.

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ECET 330 Homework / Lab

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Preview: (20) xxx (0 xx us) = x 049 secIV x C xxxxxxxx xxx LED xxxxxx The LEDs xx the Tower xxxxxx off xxxxxxx xxxxxxx on xxx off (toggle) xx will stay xx one xxxxx xxx about xxx second, then xxxx on to xxx next xxxxx xxx a xxxxxxx and so xx IV 4 x Copy xxx xxxxx the xxxxxx code ABSENTRY xxxxx ; Application xxxxx point xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx inc' xxx $2000 ; xxxx is defined xxxx ORG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx #$FF xxxx DDRThere BSET xxxx %11110000 ;all xxxx are xxx xxx delay xxxx PTT, %00010000 xxx delay BSET xxxx %11110000 xxxxxx xxx LEDs xxxx are on xxx next instruction xxxx PTT, xxxxxxxxx xxx delay xxxx PTT, %11110000 xxxx PTT, %00110000 xxx delay xxxx xxxx %11110000 xxxx PTT, %01000000 xxx delay BSET xxxx %11110000 xxxx xxxx %01010000 xxx delay BSET xxxx %11110000 BCLR xxxx %01100000 xxx xxxxx BSET.....
ECET_330_Homework_4_(1).docx (37.23 KB)
Preview: PTJ                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx %00001000                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HERE                                LDAA                     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx STAA                     PORTB Question x Eight xxxxxxxx xxx connected xx PORTB and xxxxx LEDs are xxxxxxxxx to xxxxx xx would xxxx to monitor xxx first two xxxxx significant xxxx xx PORTB xxxx masking technique) xx Whenever both xx these xxxx xxx set, xxxxxx all LEDs xx Port A.....
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