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Essay on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

What connections do you see between fairy tales, myth and epics and C.S.  Lewis’s fantasy The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?  Write an essay in which you address this question.  You should be able to write at least two pages (double spaced).  You are certainly free to write more.


  • Be sure to consider all the possible angles in answering the basic question.  Here are a few things to consider:
    • Are there aspects of the book that remind you of specific tales or myths or epics?
    • Think about the kinds of characters you meet in this book.  Do any remind you of either specific fairy tale/myth/epic characters – or types of characters that you met in fairy tales/myths/epics?
    • Think about situations.  Do you see any similarities to situations found in fairy tales, myths, epics?
    • Think about what the book “means.”   Can you make any connections to meanings found in fairy tales/myths/epics?
  • In writing your essay, think about how you will organize your discussion.  You need to have a brief introduction, followed by discussion section, followed by the conclusion.
  • Write an outline or plan of some sort. 
  • Think about quoting from the book itself to help support your discussion.
  • Be sure to consider meaning in your discussion.  (We can also use the word “theme” as a way of addressing this concern.)  What are the ideas (or themes or meanings) that C.S. Lewis seems to be concerned about in this book?

Evaluative criteria…

Does the discussion make substantive connections between fairy tales, myths, and epics?

Does the discussion remain focused and well-organized throughout?

Is the essay carefully proofread and properly formatted? 

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