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Assignment Description:

Please submit your policy brief on a local, state, federal, regional, or global problem or policy issue by uploading your pdf or Word document. Please make sure you follow the guidelines laid out in the Policy Brief guide. For your reference and convenience, you can find it here: Yenigun_Policy BriefGuide.pdf

Please be sure to make it clear on your cover page to whom the brief is addressed on behalf of which organization (could be real or fictitious).

The Policy Brief Assignments in your syllabus are described as follows in your syllabus:

1 Policy Brief (18 points total): After covering enough ground on U.S. and California institutions and policy-making processes in comparison with other governments in the world, you will write a 2000 word policy brief. This policy piece will be addressed to local, state, or federal level of the U.S. government. Alternatively, it could be written to be submitted to an inter-governmental organization (IGO) or national/transnational non-governmental organization (NGO). For the policy brief you will pick a policy area on local, state, federal, or international level, e.g., immigration, healthcare, education, foreign policy, or environment, in order to outline and propose a certain policy. More information on this assignment will be provided through the paper guidelines sheet and you can get a better idea of those by looking at the sample policy briefs submitted by your friends during earlier semesters. 


Need 2000 words!

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