Compute the amount of n-methylmaleimide

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1) Calculate the amount (in grams) of N-methylmaleimide and 9-(hydroxymethyl)anthracene that are required in a reaction utilizing 0.5mmol 9-(hydroxymethyl)anthracene (208.26 g/mol) and 3 molar equivalents of N-methylmaleimide (111 g/mol)

2) You will receive a vial containing 3.2 g of bromobenzene. You will use 1.25 molar equivalents of Mg turnings. Calculate the moles of bromobenzene this represents; then calculate the amounts of all other reagents needed in this experiment relative to teh amount of bromobenzene.

Reagents: Benzyldehyde (106.12 g/mol); benzophenone (182.22 g/mol); methylbenzoate (136.15 g/mol); bromobenzene (157.01 g/mol); Mg (24.31 g/mol)


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