5 Anger Management Tips

Five Anger Management Tips

Are you struggling to control your anger? Are your relationships suffering because of your anger? Then here are some anger management tips for you.

Recent research shows that anger is the most emerging issue nowadays, especially among children, as they are expected to engage in both curricular as well as in extracurricular activities. Usually, children are the ones who need anger management tips. An audit of a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) indicates that one-third of the referrals are for Anger and depression.

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured”- Mark Twain.

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What is Anger?

Before giving you any anger management tips, we should know what Anger is. Anger is an emotion that not only destroys you but also affects the surrounding people. It is said that there is a very thin line between Anger and temper. Being angry is when you clear your thoughts with the person who did wrong to you and at the same time, you have rational thinking in mind to forgive. 

While temper is a certain type of mood swing or habit of mind especially related to irritability and patience, in common words, it is when the rational mind is not involved, and you start throwing stuff here and there.  

Why are Anger Management Tips Important?

Anger is not a bad gesture always as at times it is better to pour out your hidden emotions. Anger is just an emotion. Still, Anger may become problematic when it frequently occurs or at high intensity as having anything in immense quantity can be harmful. Hence, we must learn to manage it well so that it won’t harm us or anyone around us.

Anger is a universal core of human emotion. Let’s admit, in today’s world, all of us are dealing with anger management issues, but children are the primary victims of Anger. It is easy to cure a patient in an early stage than the one in a higher stage, similarly with the children dealing with anger issues. So we must try to manage Anger from childhood. Schools should conduct activities due to which not only children but teachers can also learn new ways to manage anger. But don’t worry, even if your school or college doesn’t conduct such activities we are here for you to share some tips on anger management. Here are some of them:

Manage Anger by adding skills

This suggestion can help if you are dealing with Anger for a long time. To avoid Anger, try to engage yourself with some work or any activity which you like to do in your free time. Forget the world and indulge yourself in the work. This will benefit you in two ways- first, you can easily control your anger, and second, it will help you to add a new skill in your set of attributes.

Lie down

It is the easiest way to manage anger whenever you are angry, just lie down. Yes, it is funny to lie down in the middle of an argument but if that’s the way to control your anger, go for it. Since your brain muscles are in relax mode, you can’t shout when you are laying down. And also your voice adapts lower pitch which can be beneficial in many cases.

Pour it out

“Speak whenever you are angry, and you will make the best speech you will ever regret” – Ambrose Bierce.

If you are angry with someone, just pour it out, sit in your room alone and burst the bubble of your anger. Take a deep breath and yell at walls instead of yelling on some living beings. After practicing this, your mind will feel fresh, and your anger won’t affect any of your relationships. Another way is to write the reasons for being angry on a piece of paper, let your words shout.

Try to overthink

When you will start thinking about the valid reasons for being angry, your mind will engage and will forget the incidents that made you angry. Try to analyze your reasons deeply like are they even worth being angry for. For example, in most cases, we become angry because our teacher yelled at us. But is this reason really strong enough to affect you or your mental health? Just give a deep thought. “The greatest remedy for anger is a delay,” said Thomas Paine. So, taking the time to release this emotional fringe can help a lot.


Meditation is beneficial in all ways possible. Meditation not only helps you in managing anger but also helps you to focus on your daily work. So if you are struggling in dealing with anger, you must add meditation in your daily routine. Practicing meditation will help you in maintaining your physical as well as mental health.


So, the next time you come across anger, try our tips. Above mentioned anger management tips will help you in managing anger and maintaining good mental health. If you have severe anger issues, our suggestion would be to check for an appointment with the psychologist. Talking about anger management will help you gather other efficient ways to tame your anger. Wrecking the bubble of anger can certainly make you a keen observer and a patient individual.