How to Write a Perfect Statement of Purpose

How to Write a Perfect Statement of Purpose | Tips and Formats

After completing school, every student runs in the mad race of seeking admission in a good university. However, the student isn’t the only one to hit the finishing line. A Troop of students comes from all around the world to get a seat in the university. So, the need for writing a perfect Statement of Purpose (SOP) arises amongst the students. The sole reason being that the selection process depends solely on how worthy the candidate is. The admission committee seeks this information through this document called the SOP.

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What is a Statement of Purpose?

Before knowing how to write a perfect Statement of Purpose, one has first to know what it stands for. Statement of Purpose is a documentation of the student’s interests, experiences, and qualifications. The student has to submit the statement to the admission committee of the institution, who then selects or rejects it on fixed criteria.

An SOP is just like a resume that destines an employees’ everyday employment status. If the resume has the required skill-set that stands out in front of the interviewer, then the candidate becomes the part of the organization, else not. The same goes for writing a Statement of Purpose directed to the Amcom. Thus, the Statement of Purpose should have specific and crystal-clear details about the student applying for admission. The ideal length of the SOP is about 2-3 pages in a specific format.

Purpose of Writing a Statement of Purpose

Now that you’re well aware of the meaning of a Statement of Purpose, you must look into the purpose of writing a perfect one. For seeking admission to a renowned institute, the student has to write a Statement of Purpose. Be it an IVY League School or a Public University, the admission committee has an initial say in the selection of the student. Since it is the make or break document of the admission process, there are several purposes of writing this statement. To quote a few of them:

  • Statement of Purpose is the subjective document of the application process portraying the student’s creativity and knowledge of the self
  • It conveys the student’s prospects and the resolutions for following the career path
  • The SOP provides a vivid view of the student’s academic and extra-curricular record
  • It provides the student’s desire to study a particular subject

Ideal Format of Statement of Purpose

Since Statement of Purpose is an essential document, there is an ideal format set by the concerned university. While writing a Statement of Purpose, the student has to keep in mind certain parameters that the Admission committee demands from them. The standard format of writing an SOP is as follows.


The first paragraph in writing a Statement of Purpose is to discuss your;

  • Short as well as the long term plan
  • Why you want to opt for a particular course
  • How you can contribute to the field of study, you desire to opt
  • Future goals
  • Anecdote for choosing a particular field of interest

Academic Background and Professional Experience

The second paragraph in how to write a Proposal essay is narrating the academic background, i.e. providing the qualification certificates or any other certificates of appreciation.

Another thing to include in the second paragraph is to give professional experience. If you ever have had been a part of an internship or you were part of a project, you must provide your experience letter. This helps the Admcom to understand your prior experiences and its relation to your future goals.

Purpose of course selection

The third paragraph of your Statement of Purpose must include the purpose of choosing a particular course. That is, your statement should include certain information about which field of study you want to choose and why it is suitable for you.

Career goals

The fourth paragraph, while writing a Statement of Purpose, should contain a vivid picture of your career goals. These are short and long term plans that include things like what profession will you be pursuing after the completion of your course. This gives the admission committee a clear perspective of how you’ll derive the best out of your higher studies.

Why this university

The next paragraph must contain the reason behind selecting the particular university that you want to seek admission to. The statement of purpose specifies the student’s knowledge about the university. This must include the university’s course curriculum, academic structure, and specific activities.


The final paragraph in writing the Statement of Purpose is to specify your objectives in choosing a specific course. As this is the final deciding factor of your selection, it must summarize the whole spectrum of your course selection.  Use words and phrases that highlight your readiness for the same.

Now that the whole format of how to write a perfect Statement of Purpose is clear, you can prepare one for your higher studies as well. With a professional SOP, you become eligible for seeking admission to top universities in the world.

Some Tips to Write a Perfect Statement of Purpose

Here are some efficient tips on how to write a perfect Statement of Purpose that helps you to stand out in the crowd.

  • The opening statement should be crisp and unique to hook the reader
  • Give a vivid description of your experience in the desired field of study
  • Be loud and clear about why you want to choose a course and a university
  • Specify the field of expertise to showcase your knowledge for the same
  • Let your qualification speak about your knowledge and skills
  • Read your Statement of Purpose like you’re the selector
  • Revise your SOP to confirm that no essential information has been skipped

These tips and formats on how to write a Statement of Purpose will help you in impressing the Admcom who’ll select you to study in your dream university.

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