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Who Invented Writing

Who Invented Writing?

Who invented Writing? According to Wikipedia, “The history of writing traces the development of expressing language by systems of markings.”  As writing evolved in human civilizations, proto-writing was preceded by…

Who Invented the Education System

Who Invented the Education System?

Who invented the education system? The history of education dates at least as far back as the first written records recovered from ancient civilizations. Historical studies have virtually included almost…

Who Invented the Grading System

Who Invented the Grading System?

Assessment, feedback, and grading are frequently mentioned. As is essential to student learning and instructional effectiveness. Why not, then? It’s an important intersection. That needs to be talked about and…

Who Invented Calculus

Who Invented Calculus?

Two men, Isaac Newton, and Gottfried Leibniz. Who separately created the principles of calculus are frequently credited with its discovery. Despite the fact that they both contributed to its design….

Laws of Motion

Who invented the Laws of Motion?

What are the laws of Motion? According to Wikipedia – “Newton’s laws of motion are three basic laws of classical mechanics that describe the relationship between the motion of an…

Who invented Python

Who invented Python?

After JavaScript, Python is the primary programming language with the fastest growth in usage. Since Python is free and open source, anyone can use it and customize it to meet…

who invented electricity

Who Invented Electricity?

Just like food and water, electricity is also an essential requirement for livelihood. It is unimaginable how life without electricity would feel like. It would be difficult to enjoy life…

who invented video game

Who Invented Video Game?

You can do whatever you want to do in a modern video game. You can command an area navy, build glittering cities, or solve startling mysteries and puzzles. Inspiring, fun…

who invented television

Who Invented Television?

Erstwhile, the news from around the world reached people with the help of radio. During the breakdown of war and natural calamities, assistance reached people with the help of news…

who invented school

Who Invented School?

At the age of 4 or 5, we enter a completely different world. Every student looks like in the same school uniform. Students seek education from learned professionals. There is…