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The Main Laws of the Refraction of Light

Have you ever got curious about a certain thing that makes you question the science and its processes? Like, while you see a straw emerged…

Gas Laws in Chemistry
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What are the Different Gas Laws in Chemistry

Gas laws in chemistry created in the early 17th century. Since then, these laws are assisting scientists in finding volumes, amounts, pressures, and temperature. Primarily,…

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What are the Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages 

There are several solar energy advantages. Among these, the most common is its availability and also its affordability. Yet it has been widely criticized for…

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Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry by IUPAC Approach

Nomenclature of organic chemistry is a method of organic chemical compounds. The international union of pure and applied chemistry (IUPAC) recommended this in chemistry nomenclature….

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Letter of Demand

A letter of demand is the formal letter that is sent by one party to another party asking for payment or other actions. It warns…

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Best Lessons to Learn the Art of Learning 

The art of learning believes that growth comes at the point of resistance. We learn by leaving our comfort zone and pushing our limits. We…

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What are the Types of Writing Styles?

Do you have a thing for letters? Well, love letters that most people of this generation have forgotten was a source of communication between the…

7 Best Science Project Ideas
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7 Best Science Project Ideas | Fun Experiment Ideas

It is fun to choose a scientific topic and think of it as a scientist and do some laboratory work for independent research. In science…

Importance of Management in Nursing
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Why Management in Nursing is Important 

Strong management in nursing is essential for all work environments. Since nursing is a career where one has to handle quick decision-making and high-pressure situations….

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Tips for Personal Letter Format

Before the beginning of the era of modern technology, letter writing was considered an essential source of communication.  Before learning about the letter, one must…