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8 Types of Energy physics
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7 Types of Energy in Physics

In physics, energy is the capacity for doing work. It may exist in various forms like Kinetic, potential, thermal, electric, radiant, chemical energy, and many…

Common Type of Chemistry Reactions
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Common Types of Chemistry Reactions 

Chemical reactions happen almost everywhere. We always relate chemical reactions to the laboratory and test tubes, but the labs can’t control the chemical reactions. The…

Impact of Positive Classroom Environment
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Impact of Positive Classroom Environment

The positive classroom environment is one of the factors that affect students’ learning. In a positive environment, students learn better. To tackle challenges, take risks,…

8 Tips to write a good master thesis
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8 Tips for Writing a Good Master Thesis

Writing a master thesis is an integral part of the college syllabus. To secure better grades, one needs to write a highly informative and creative…