Introduction to Nursing Case Study: A Complete Guide


Nursing is one of the key career options for students in the healthcare field. The main nursing projects include research papers, essays, lab reports, case studies, etc. Moreso, other projects are based on scientific topics that involve a lot of lab research. Like other creative career fields, nursing also requires a lot of creative potentials. In this guide, we’ll help you learn the nursing case study basics and how you can make it.


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Case Study & Its Various Case Studies 

Before learning how to write a nursing case study, here’s what a case study stands for. A case study for a nursing care plan is a practice paper that’ll help you in real-time nursing practice. There are mainly four types of case studies. Whether you seek any field or discipline of studies such as psychology, business, nursing, or arts, these types will remain common. 


Illustrative Case Studies 

An illustrative case study is a descriptive case study that uses a couple of cases related to an occasion to show the resemblance of a circumstance. 


Exploratory Case Studies

An exploratory case study is a formal, large – scale research project popular in psychology and the social sciences. This type of case study helps identify the questions and selects the measurement type before the investigation. 


Cumulative Case Studies 

This type of case study serves as a medium to aggregate information from several sites. It is an assortment of past investigations.


Critical Instance Case Studies 

The last type of case study works at helping for responding to circumstances and logical result questions. 


What is a Nursing Case Study?

All the nursing majors have to learn how to write a nursing case study, which a nurse makes during the patient’s investigation. A case study helps nursing students apply what they learn in their classroom to theoretical learning to an actual situation. The main segments of a nursing case study include writing surveys and cautious documentation. Writing a nursing case study includes many planning and processes such as the methodologies, literature reviews, and the proper documentation of the case study. 


Section of Nursing Case Study

While writing a nursing case study, you’ll have to make three large sections to explain it in greater detail. The first section includes information about the patient, the second provides the Nurse’s Assessment of the patient’s status, and the list includes a treatment plan with the recommendations. 

Section 1 – Patient’s Status 

Section 1 of the nursing case study includes the patient’s demographic information, medical history, current diagnosis, condition, and treatment. In short, this section covers everything about the patient to get the appropriate information about their well-being. Then, you must include an explanation involving the patient’s personal information and its importance. Next, you have to explain the patient’s need for medical care and their first symptoms. Then, identify the diagnosis made based on the report. After the diagnosis, what is the progression of the disease in the patient? As a final point, describe your role as a nurse in the process. 


Section 2 – Nursing Assessment

In the second section of the nursing case study, you’ll have to prepare the nursing assessment. In this assessment, the nurse presents the patient’s condition. Keep in mind, after producing the assessment, be certain of why you have made each assessment. To explain through an example, if a patient is suffering from cancer, you’ll document the symptoms that occur, such as urination issues. Then, you also have to suggest the potential causes of it. Based on the causes, you can then come up with the options for treatment. 


Section 3 – Current Treatment and Recommendation 

In the third section of the nursing case study, you must describe the medication, therapy, or any other treatment needed for the same. Also, you need to explain why each specified treatment is necessary for improving the patient’s life. 


Implementation and Documentation

After implementing the treatment, it’ll be your responsibility to document the treatment activity, time, dose, and track the patient’s improvement. The data that you gather throughout the case study must be recorded properly and reported in this section. This nursing case study is thus similar to a scientific study. So, another important aspect of this data is to analyze the recorded data to find the conclusion. Post the implementation of the data; you’ll have to document the recommendations. This section must either extend the current record or the addition of a new treatment plan. 


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