8 Types of Essays With Definition & Examples 


Whether you’re a school-going or a college-going student, impressive writing skills are key features everyone looks for. Out of the different types of drafts you’ll make, essay writing remains the most basic and creative task to fulfill. In this guide, we’ll help you learn the types of essays to understand the writing technique used in each one of them. The student must have a fair hand at writing the ideas that pop in their head, analyze them, and leave room for the reader’s perspective. If you’re hearing the term essays the first time, here’s a quick definition for you.


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What is an Essay?

An essay is a piece of short-form, nonfictional writing focusing on a specific topic. The word “essay” derives from the French word “essai” or “essayer,” which means “trail.” In this short academic description, the writer intends to argue a thesis or to present a viewpoint on a certain topic. Different types of essays follow different formats; here is what each type defines with some examples. 


Main Types of Essays

Although there are a total of 8 essay types, the most common ones are 4. Let’s learn about each type in brief. 


Descriptive Essay

The first type of essay is a descriptive essay. As the name suggests, this essay includes many grammatical languages such as adjectives, similes, and metaphors to describe a certain topic. This essay’s main framework follows, providing a vivid view of the topic to give an overall structure and function of the same. It is a creative writing draft that requires deep thinking, the ability to narrate and make a scenery of the described account. The writer has to use sensory details such as sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. 


Example of a Descriptive Essay 

Giving an account of your recent trip to a hill station, a circus, or a new holiday destination. 

The 2nd example is describing a scene at the railway station, inside a restaurant, or a recent movie.


Narrative Essay

The second essay type is a narrative essay. In this type, the writer brings out the story-teller within. Narrative essay writing is a personal piece of writing since it presents an overview of the writer’s perspective. Sometimes these narrative accounts are story-based, i.e., fictional or creative non-fiction. Since it is more personal, one can see the first person pronoun ‘I’ throughout the essay. The writer’s primary task is to build an engaging introduction of the essay and bring the reader to the crux of the climax of the story in the body and the end in the conclusion. Having a clear understanding of the narrative essay help, you become a successful journalist. 


Example of a Narrative Essay 

Narrating an incident that happened with you in a foreign country, narrating an accidental situation, or giving an account of a fictional incident. 


Expository Essay 

Expository essays are the most common types of essays from the examination point-of-view. In this essay, you’ll choose a theme or a topic and come up with ideas related to the same, analyze evidence, and structure an “exposition” about the central idea. These essays are also known as a definition essay. To sum up, these are shorter pieces that intend to answer a question in the most direct way possible. 


Example of an Expository Essay 

An example of an expository essay is a work of Amy Chua by How Chinese Mothers are Superior. The work of Malcolm Learning to Read. 


Argumentative Essay  

These essays are expository essays with a lot more in-depth with well-researched qualitative and quantitative data. This data is found via primary or secondary sources. In this essay, you’ll address the main point, which may oppose your stand on an issue or topic. The argumentative essays have two classical models known as Toulmin and Rogerian. The prior one comprises of introduction with a claim or thesis, followed by data representation. Rogerian models list the strengths and weaknesses of analysis and recommend the same. 


Example of an Argumentative Essay 

Put a Little Science in Your Life by Brian Greene

The Flight from Conversation by Sherry Turkle


Other Essay Types

Apart from these, the other types of essays include:-


Analytical Essay

An analytical essay is the same as an expository essay for describing a concept by providing the subject’s advantages and disadvantages for providing the objective analysis. To make the difference, while an expository essay describes how the president is elected, the analytical essay describes the entire electoral process. 


Compare & Contrast Essay

This type of essay puts two entities side-by-side and points their similarities and differences. The body paragraphs of the essay include two sections, a comparison section, and a contrast section. 


Learn How to Write a Compare & Contrast Essay with our writing guide.


Cause & Effect Essay

A Cause and Effect essay establishes a relationship between things and provides how something was influenced by something else. First, the essay explains the cause and then shows its effect. 


Critical Analytical Essay

This type of essay is a literature-based essay in which a writer tends to break the short piece of a literary work. 


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