How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Tips & Steps


Imagine a courtroom scene where you are fighting a case and have to argue before a jury. In this situation, you’ll be either for or against a point and have to develop a strong argument to win the case. In similar terms, the writer has to write a persuasive essay. While writing the essay, the main task is to convince the reader with strong points and take a specific action. Hence, writing a good persuasive essay demands good research skills and a good view of both sides of the issues in consideration. To keep the balance, prove your points well and reason for the other side to be incorrect. In this blog, you’ll learn the best tips and steps to write a persuasive essay.


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What is a Persuasive Essay?

The history of the persuasive form of public speaking falls back to ancient times when the art of rhetoric made use of the form to address fellow Greek republics. After that, rhetoric remained at the center of education for nearly 2,000 years. Persuasive writing is a picture of modern life found in advertising, newspaper editorials, blogs, and speeches. The most common part of persuasive writing is contemporary issues. For example, in the current covid conditions, is it wise to open schools and colleges and write an essay to give your stand on the same. The purpose of the essay is to inform and persuade or convince the readers to think or act a certain way. 


3 Steps to Write a Persuasive Essay

To write a good persuasive essay, here are five main steps to follow. 


Step 1: The Pre-processing of Persuasive Essay

The first phase of an essay marks all the points to be included in the essay. 


Under this step, the writer must:

  • Choose an issue and take either side they wish to support
  • Understand the reader’s perspective 
  • Assemble solid and convincing evidence to support the case
  • Get facts and figures to prove the point right


Step 2: Prepare an Outline

In step two, the writer has to prepare a proper structure of the persuasive essay and prepare an outline. The structure of the essay should be as given below. 



An introduction of any type of essay is the book’s cover by which a reader judges the contents within. Hence, it is essential to create a good introductory para, keeping the information direct and supported by significant facts and figures. To write a good one, keep these 3 points in mind.


  • Use a hook to grab the reader’s attention 
  • Give an overview of the argument 
  • Give a thesis statement that quotes the points in the argument



The body is the main organ of a persuasive essay, where you give your points for or against the selected topic. Consider dividing the paragraph with each body’s focus on one point at a time. Give enough supporting detail within each paragraph that convinces the reader well. 


Opposing View Paragraph 

In this paragraph, the writer has to give the key points of the opposing view. 



The final paragraph of your persuasive essay will restate all your primary points and give further supporting evidence to seal the case. The conclusion is as important as a good introduction. Hence, keep a balance along with the entire persuasive essay at length. 


Step 3: Revising the Persuasive Essay

After the drafting of your persuasive essay, you must get to the revision phase to remove errors, if any. In this phase, the students must review, modify, and reorganize their outline to meet the goals before writing an essay. To make a good revision, checkpoints, keep the below points in mind. 

  • Have you supported the issue in your essay with relevant facts, statistics, quotes, and examples?
  • Does the introduction provide an effective hook and persuades you to read ahead?
  • Does the body paragraph offer compelling evidence to support the case?
  • Is the opposing paragraph well refuted?
  • Does the conclusion paragraph convinces you as a reader and urges you to think and act?

If your persuasive essay answers all the above questions in the affirmative, go-ahead with the submission. 


Tips to Write a Good Persuasive Essay

Now that you have a good hand at writing and revising your persuasive essay, here are a few tips to write a good one. 


  • Tip 1 – Choose a current topic and have a passionate side for you 
  • Tip 2 – Give thorough research to both the for and against sides
  • Tip 3 – Draft your thesis statement and the overall essay well
  • Tip 4 – Create a well-sought outline of your persuasive essay 
  • Tip 5 – Support your argument with facts and give opposing facts too


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