Different Types of Research Studies That You Should Know


Research is what every student has to include in his/her academic work. Since every academic paper requires you to include research work, you should know different types of research studies to do it faster. That is why, in this blog, we’ll discuss the following points, which will help you in writing assignments faster.

  • What is Research?
  • What is the Purpose of Adding Different Types of Research Studies in Essays?
  • Different Types of Research Studies in Academic

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We’ll take you to the session of different types of research studies. But before that, let’s have little knowledge of what research is.

What is Research?

Research is a careful study of a particular problem by using scientific methods. According to an American Sociologist Ear Robert Babble,” research is a systematic inquiry to describe, predict, explain, and control the observed phenomenon. Every type of research study involves both inductive and deductive methods.” So now you might be thinking, what are these inductive and deductive methods that we have to use? Well, let” see.

Furthermore, inductive research methods are useful in analyzing an observed event. Unlike the inductive method, the deductive techniques are beneficial in verifying the observed event. While inductive methods are relevant to qualitative research, deductive methods are applicable to quantitative research.  

Some Characteristics of Research

  • While doing any research, you must follow a systematic approach as the basics of research are rules and procedures.
  • Logical reasoning is the basis of research that involves both inductive and deductive methods.
  • An in-depth analysis of data is essential so that there are no anomalies.
  • Research generates paths for creating new questions in students’ minds. The data you include helps in making more opportunities for research.
  • Research is analytical. Thus it helps in avoiding ambiguity in inference.

These points will help you while writing a research paper. Now let’s see why we should add different types of research studies in our homework.

What is the Purpose of Adding Different Types of Research Studies in Essays?

Have you ever wondered why teachers give us different research papers to write? Don’t worry here, you’ll know why. For conducting various types of research studies, there are three purposes.


As the name suggests, research helps in exploring the different questions in detail. Also, you don’t need to conclude. It sometimes means your research may leave for an open-ended conclusion. Besides this, research helps students to explore hidden academic areas that never became part of any studies.


Through its name, it must be clear that the descriptive purpose is to explain the information. Most of the students use different types of research studies to increase the word count in an essay. As it aims to describe, explain, and validate the findings, it is beneficial for writing long essays. But data collection plays a vital role in the descriptive purpose of the research.  


Explanation plays a crucial role in any type of research study. That is why students are asked to explain the problem and why they chose a particular topic for research. Besides this, both the readers and researchers must have a common understanding of the findings.  

Different Types of Research Studies in Academic

Based on the purpose mentioned above, there are different types of research studies. Let’s learn about them one by one.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is similar to exploratory research. So this type of research study helps to gain an understanding of basic reasons, motivations, and opinions. If you have to look in-depth on the issue, then use qualitative research in your paper. This research helps in developing ideas and writing hypotheses. They are both structured and semi-structure.

Quantitative Research

It is one of the types of research studies that are based on statistics and numerical. Quantitative research aims to convert data into statistics. Also, it uses data to prepare facts. Thus it is beneficial in providing qualifying opinions, behaviors, or attitudes in the research work. Unlike qualitative research, quantitative research is structured.  

Cause and Effect Research

In this type of research, first, you have to describe the situation. After that, you have to present cause and effects and, in the end, conclude. This type of research is suggested to newbies. That is why high-school or college students of the first year get these types of research studies.

Analytical Research

Analytical research follows a different path. Here you have to conclude by analyzing various points of view. Generally, in these types of research studies, a question has been asked. So it includes information collected from multiple other researchers. It is beneficial in writing reflection papers where you have to give your opinions by analyzing others’ work. While doing analytical research, you must be neutral. It means you have no right here to favor your opinion.

Persuasive Research

While doing this type of research study, you need to describe the problem with two different aspects. If you are using persuasive research in your essay, then you have to mention the pros and cons and conclude by favoring one. Unlike analyzing research, it needs you to attract readers to agree with your point of view.

Experimental Research

Here you have to do experiments and then draw a conclusion based on the research from the experiment. It is the most interesting type of research where you have to explain the case in detail by experimenting. If you study subjects like chemistry, biology, physics, and psychology, you must have done this type of research.

There are the main types of research studies that you should include in your academic papers. Don’t be stressed if you don’t know how to incorporate these types of research in your article. Get instant online assignment help from us. Our experts make sure to deliver well-researched papers on time. So you can rely on us.