How to Punctuate Book Titles | 3 Easy Ways to Follow


Have you been writing a novel, storybook, prose book, or maybe poetry? Well, you must have been quite an intellect to do so. But did you know that writing a book isn’t a hard nut to crack, but setting the right start is what counts. This guide is to help you know how to punctuate book titles in the correct way. To write a book that hooks the reader, you must first convince them to read it. So, since a reader judge a book by its cover, the book title should have the right notation and the typography. Now, different book titles have different criteria depending upon their type. Depending on these types, you have to either capitalize, underline, or use quotations mark to punctuate them. So, read on to get valuable information concerning the right capitalization and punctuation of the book titles.


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Capitalization of Book Titles

The first thing to know for the correct process of book title punctuation is, “When to Capitalize.” To help you with the capitalization, there are some rules that you must follow. Here are some differences that will help you understand what to capitalize on a book title and what not to turn 

the case into title case. 


What to Capitalize?

  • The first and last word of the sentence
  • The word after a colon
  • All meaningful verbs, nouns, and other parts of speech
  • The subordinating conjunctions such as because, since, etc


What Not to Capitalize?

  • Articles like a, an, and the
  • The coordinating conjunctions like but, and, or, if, nor, etc
  • Prepositions mentioned between about five words like at, to, from, etc 


Your book title shall be a combination of all caps, small caps, or other forms as per genre traditions, you need to use title case while uploading them to the online stores in the metadata information. 


Also, remember a few other points while capitalizing the book titles, including:-

  • If you’re using APA style for notating the titles, capitalize the first word of the work only
  • In case the title of the book is shorter than usual of at least five words, by conviction capitalize all the words


How to Punctuate the Title Page

After the cover of a book, the next page is the title page. If the reader judges the cover and finds it engaging, he’d open it to look into the title page. Now, the next up in knowing the way to punctuate book titles is the correct punctuation of the title page. This page contains the title of the book, subtitle, the author’s name, the publisher’s name, and publication year. So, while punctuating all this information, you must use all caps, small caps, or bold for the highlighting information and maybe a smaller font for the subtitle. A crucial point to remember is that the title should not be between the quotes; instead, you can italicize it or put a full-stop at the end. The sequence of the title page content is in a way that the title rests in the center of the page, a subtitle is put right underneath it separated by a colon, italicized, or straight up without any creativity. There are a few cases to know the variances of title punctuations depending on the type of work. 


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Punctuating the Title of a Shorter Work

While quoting the title of a shorter work in the MLA style as a reference or a bibliography, you can use quotation marks. Within the term, ‘shorter work’ comes original works like poems, short stories, or essays. 


E.g., “Today is a Good Day” by Mark Smith (citing book title)


       “ Politics and the English Language” by George Orwell (citing essay title)


Punctuating the Title of a Longer Work

The next to know under how to punctuate a book title is to get the rules of applying them on longer works. For instance, longer works include novels, a poetry collection, and a story collection. While writing the novel titles, you can notate them in italics, such as Mrs. Dalloway. While citing these titles in a bibliography or reference section, you ought to use quotation marks. 


Punctuations of Book Headings and Chapters

While punctuating the book headings and the chapters, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. The only thing to remember is: To be consistent with whatever case you set for the heads. 


Following these rules can help you to punctuate book titles in the correct way and please your reader to read your published works. Also, if you want professionals to help you with your book summary, abstract, or any other related work, you can seek instant online assignment help. We’re available to help you, 24*7. Get 100% top-quality work with zero-plagiarism.