Who invented the wheel?

What keeps the vehicle moving? The simple answer would be ‘the wheel.’ These rotating bodies can move even the most massive loads. Imagine a luxurious car with the absence of all four wheels. The mere thought of such a situation sucks our energy. The fierce speed of any vehicle is because of the friction between the wheel and the road. This friction keeps the vehicle moving and help reach distant places within the estimated time period. To take a glimpse of its invention, let us learn about how and who invented the wheel.

Years ago, the situation wasn’t alike. The discovery of the wheel took almost 3500 B.C. A lot of errors underwent in the development of this structure.

The invention of the wheel by the Samaritans of Mesopotamian age

After extended efforts too, giving shape to the rough structure of the wheel was hard. The credit for the invention of a device that could lessen human efforts goes to Samaritans of the Mesopotamian era. The origin of the first wheel took place across Eurasia and the Middle East. It was a wooden chariot that could pull heavy loads. Samaritans cut a disc off the tree trunk and made a hole at the center. There was no other part intact to it.

The problematic situation being that the cyclic cylinders over its edge couldn’t be held firmly. Then, a professor of anthropology at Hartwick College gave the idea of the wheel and axle concept in his book, ‘The Horse, the Wheel, and Language.’ Based on his concept, the earliest wagons were made narrower to reduce friction and carry heavy loads. Later, new specifications were added to its structure that led to the formation of varied shapes of wheels.

Now, we have wheels of all shapes and sizes in almost all the known vehicles. Each kind of wheel has its traits that make it portable as per the vehicle. The discovery of wheel though late, was an important discovery to reduce effort and time. It made transportation to distant places quite more comfortable. The invention of the wheel led to the discovery of superficial vehicles that made driving a mind-boggling experience.