who invented hockey

Who Invented Hockey?

Who Invented Hockey?

Are you a hockey fan? Has this thought ever crossed your mind that who invented this amazing game?  Here is the history of hockey; every hockey lover should know.

Erstwhile, history was just a game of a hockey stick, and ball played in a field. However, with the growth of this sport, it took several forms, including ice hockey, roller hockey, and indoor hockey. The most famous one is ice hockey, especially in Canada. Despite the forms, hockey is a team sport in which two teams play against each other by controlling a ball trying to get it into the opponent’s goal.

To get you aware about how hockey came into existence and who invented it, here is a brief history.

 J.G. Creighton- the father of hockey?

The word ‘hockey’ has its origin from the French word shepherd’s stave. The history takes us back to the time when the sport was played with cork bangs used as stoppers for the drinks. However, the origin has another account struggle the countries who claim that it’s their invention. As per evident, a Canadian, J.G. Creighton is the father of hockey.

A company named Nova Scotia created first-ever rules for the game of ice hockey. Creighton claims that the first game ever played was in Canada in 1875. But, the book by three members of the Society for International Hockey Research wrote about the history of who invented hockey. As per the book, the first game of hockey dates back to 1790s in Britain. Also, the researchers found a letter written by Darwin to his son on March 1, 1853.

He wrote: “My Dear Old Willy… Have you got a pretty good pond o skate on? I used to very fond of playing Hockey on the ice in skate.” All these evidence negotiate Creighton’s claim that hockey has its origin from Canada. This makes the history of hockey’s origin ambiguous. However, by Canada’s making of hockey, it is a national winter sport, adds more significance to the discovery too, the origin point of hockey remains unsolved. But, as per the evidence J.G. Creighton is said to be the father of hockey.