The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code

What really matters is what you believe

Author: Dan Brown

Daniel Gerhard Brown is an American thriller novelist born in 1964. His thriller novels reflect

upon the theme of history, conspiracy, Christian themes, etc. His famous novels include The Da

Vinci Code (2003), Angels and Demons (2000), Inferno (2013), etc. Dan’s novels receive mass

applause and hit 200 million + copies. His novels have also been adapted as movie sequels.


About the novel

The Da Vinci Code was published by Dan Brown in 2003. Since it’s publication, it greatly influenced world literature. The Da Vinci Code ranked the Newyork bestseller list for almost a year. The fiction is known for its plot structure wherein a story is going on within the main plot. The story shows the struggle between the Catholic church and the Christian society of the time.


Genre: Thriller and conspiracy

Tone: Fictional, horrific, and mysterious

Type: Novel

Year of publication: 2003



The power of faith over the ignorance of the truth

Redefining the history to reinterpret the past events

Reverting back by women for underestimating them

Questioning the church’s quest to gain power

Reference to masterpieces by the maestros like Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio, etc.


Red Hair Referred to Sophie Neveu for her blood: Compared to Mary in The Last Supper

and Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Blood Referred to Truth and enlightenment: Symbolises church’s intention of

masquerading the history

Cell phone Referred to the reality of the modern world: The complexity to keep the truth