around the world in 80 days

Around the World in 80 Days

 “Anything one man can imagine, another man can make real

Author: Jules Verne

He was a French novelist, poet, and playwright born in 1828 in Nantes. Around the world in 80

days, Journey to the center of the earth, twenty thousand leagues under the sea, etc. were born of the creation of Jules with Pierre in his collection of adventure tales called Voyages

extraordinarily. For his genius science fictions, he’s also known as the ‘father of science’ like

H.G Wells and Mary Shelley.


About the novel:

Around the world in 80 days is an adventurous novel in which Phileas Fogg, a gentleman from London. He tries varied jobs such as circus performer. He reads about a new railroad in India in The Daily Telegraph. He makes his mind to travel around the world in 80 days, for which he’ll be given a sum of £20,000. Therefore, he took a train from Dover and Calais to set for his world tour.


Genre: Travel adventure work

Tone: Adventurous and heart-throbbing

Type: Novel

Year of publication: 1873

The novel traces Phileas Fogg’s journey around the world with his companions’ Valet and

Passpartout to win a bet worth £20,000.

Itinerary of Phileas’ around the world in 80 days

First 7 days: Across France, the Alps, to Venice. Then to Italy.

Next 13 days: From Suez to Mumbai.

Next 3 days: Train journey from Bombay (Mumbai) to Calcutta (Kolkata).


Next 13 days: Steamer journey across the South China Sea to move from Kolkata to Hong Kong.

Next 6 days: Steamer journey across the Pacific Ocean to reach Yokohama (Japan).

Next 22 days: Travelled from Yokohama (Japan) to San Francisco (USA).

Next 7 days: Transcontinental train journey to New York.

Next 9 days: Steamboat journey to Bordeaux, France, Liverpool, and finally to London.