Interesting Facts About Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Interesting Facts About Einstein’s Theory of  Relativity 

While reading the Einstein Theory of Relativity, there’s one thing that goes by – amazement. The facts such as the slower aging of the astronauts than common people and the change in the shape of solids at high speed make us even more curious as to how some theories change the perspective of looking at the world. The first copy of Einstein’s theory of relativity released in 1905, putting across his experimental experiences than the physical principles in the complex mathematical language. That’s what makes the upcoming highschoolers even more curious about it. To learn the basics of theory, let’s know some interesting facts about it. 

What is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

Einstein’s theory of relativity explains how space and time interlink for objects moving at a constant speed in a straight line. Based on the theory, when the object approaches the speed of light, its mass becomes infinite and prevents it from getting faster than that of light. The history of the theory falls back in the year 1905 by Albert Einstein. After years of research on special relativity, he published his observations in his work general relativity in the year 1915. 

Furthermore, Einstein’s theory of relativity contains two interrelated theories: 

Special relativity and general relativity

The theory of relativity applies to astronomy.

Interrelated theories

Special Relativity

In the absence of gravity, this concept of special relativity applies to all physical phenomena. 

General Relativity

General relativity illustrates the law of gravitation and its relation with other natural forces.

Importance of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Einstein’s theory of relativity has its own significance in the cosmological realm as well as in our daily lives. Let’s see how:ß


  • Explains the behavior of objects n space and time
  • Used to predict black holes
  • Explain the light bending due to gravity
  • Illustrate the behavior of the planet Mercury in its orbit

Facts About Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

  • When he was young, Einstein’s father gave him a compass that inspired him to understand unseen forces.
  • Einstein mostly relied on his friend and colleagues to help him in developing the theory, but the theory of general relativity presented as a solo work.
  • The early version of the theory of relativity contains math errors.
  • A German mathematician named David Hilbert accused Einstein of plagiarism.