How To Dress For An Interview? | Infographic Description. 

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Worried about your interview? Don’t know what would be the appropriate attire for the first impression? Let’s learn how to make your first impression perfect.


There are different work environments according to which one should dress up for an interview:

For Startups/ Internship Interviews.

In start up’s or internships, you need not wear a blazer or strict casual attire. You could keep it less formal but entirely decent.


Perfect Interview Outfits For Men

  • Wear a light-shaded long-sleeved shirt.
  •  Cotton pants, chinos, and khakis are good options for an interview.
  • Freshly polished leather shoes.
  • Wear a watch with a leather or metal band.


Perfect Interview Outfits For Women

  • Wear a simple shirt or blouse.
  • Wear comfortable closed shoes. Do not wear slippers or dirty shoes.
  • Khakis, cotton pants, or simple dark jeans would add to the decent look.
  • Do not wear large, heavy jewelry; keep it as simple as possible.


For Business Casual Workplace

For business casual workplaces, you have to be properly presentable. You should follow the proper attire to add to the chances of getting selected.


Perfect Interview Outfits For Women 


  • Black or navy dress pants or skirt.
  • Shirt, cardigan or jacket.
  • Heels or shoes according to the attire.


Perfect Interview Outfits For men 

  • Plain shirt ( pick a light shade).
  • Black or navy dress slacks with a belt.
  • Formal shoes or loafers.
  • Blazer is optional.


                               DO’S                       DON’TS
If possible, cover tattoos. Do not chew gum during an interview.
Carry extra copies of your resume. Do not wear lots of jewelry.
Keep your phone in silent mode. Do not speak unnecessarily. 
Keep your answers crisp and to the point. Do not crip over your last job, instead put a solid reason to leave it if asked.


Tips To Make Your Interview Best:


  1. Before going for the interview, ask the person who contacted you for the company’s details and working environment.
  2. Take research regarding the company, just to know what is the purpose of that company.
  3. Make sure that your clothes are clean and fit for your size.
  4. Be sure your shoes are polished in advance.
  5. Do not keep anything to be prepared on the interview day; keep things ready the night before.
  6. Now, after deciding your attire, do a role rehearsal in that attire. This would make you feel more confident and comfortable on the day of your interview.