How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay | Writing Guide 

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The compare and contrast essay serves the purpose of evaluating the similarities and differences between the two subjects of the same or different categories. It uses the argument for similarizing and differentiating two subjects, such as books and subjects. Although the task of writing a complete comparative essay is hard, with practice, you can learn enough! In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to write a compare and contrast essay. 

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8 Steps to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Here are the eight easy steps that you need to follow for writing a compare and contrast essay. 

Step1# Choose the Subject 

The first step in writing a compare and contrast essay is to choose the subject. In this step, your main purpose is to choose the subject, which is different yet at the same platform. There are a few criteria that you can follow to choose a subject. 

  • You can pick two subjects of the same “category” but have significant differences.

E.g.:- “homemade cake vs. frozen cake.”

  • The second category is to choose two subjects that have nothing in common but have striking similarities.

E.g.:- Comparison of bats and whales

  • In the last category, you can choose two subjects that appear to be similar but are different.

For, e.g., The Hunger Game vs. Book. 

Step 2# Brainstorm Comparison and Contrast

In the second step of writing a compare and contrast essay is to brainstorm the chosen topic. Make two columns, in one list all the similarities and, in the second, add all the differences. By doing this, you can get your hand at the major topics and formulate a thesis with it. There are various techniques to brainstorm ideas related to the topic. One such method is to make use of the Venn diagram. Use the overlapping circles with the outer edge to write what is different, and in the overlapping middle area, write the similarities. 

Step 3# Formulate the Main Argument

A good compare and contrast essay is an argumentative one and demonstration in all ways. After listing the similarities and differences between the two topics, choose the most important ones, and formulate your main argument using them. You may note the main pointers and elaborate them later while writing your essay.  

Step 4# Organize Your Essay

A proper organization of the essay starts from deciding the structure of your compare and contrast essay. The three types of structure that you can use for the formation of your organizational essay include:- 

  • Subject by Subject

In this type of organization, one writes all the points in topic A and then all the points in topic B.  

  • Point by Point 

In a point-by-point organization, you have to follow a zig-zag pattern in this by switching back and forth between points. 

  • Compare and contrast

This organization presents all the comparisons first and then makes all the contrasts. 

Step 5# Prepare the Outline of the Essay

Prepare the outline of the essay by making a particular template to develop the main ideas. Create the following types of paragraphs such as:- 

  • Introduction

In this portion, add basic information about the main subject, present the thesis, and the direction of the essay.

  • Body paragraphs

Add the main details and evidence to support the claim and fully convey your argument. 

  • Acknowledgment of the competitive arguments

This portion of your essay will include other counter-arguments that discusses the main flaw of those arguments. 

  • Conclusion 

This is the last paragraph that summarizes the presented evidence. 

Step 6# Support With Evidences 

The 6th step in how to write a compare and contrast essay is to collect information from research, reading, or personal experience. Make use of personal anecdotes, quotes, any other information in this context. For instance, if you’re comparing two poems, you can give quotations for providing similarities and differences. 

Step 7# Add Transitional Words

In this step, add complementary transitional words to maintain a flow of the essay. While comparing the two words, make use of words like both, likewise, similarly and make use nonetheless, on the other hand, whereas, etc. 

Step 8# Proofread the Essay 

The last step in writing a compare and contrast essay is to sum all the ideas and check for grammatical errors and plagiarism. Become a critic and use all the comparative and contrasting points of your essay to find the crux of the matter and how it fulfills the purpose of the selected topic. 

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