top 6 reasons you should study mass communication

Top 6 Reasons You Should Study Mass Communication

Mass Communication is a subject that is very versatile and dynamic. It provides amazing careers and opportunities for oral skills, writing skills and also creative skills. Studying mass communication can provide a person the opportunities of becoming a journalist, news anchors, and work in production studios and sets. Modern career opportunities in mass communication include photojournalists, editors, designers, radio and video jockey. Mass communication is a vast field of many subdivisions within it.

Here are six reasons why you should study mass communication-


To have multiple career options in mass media and journalism- With new FM channels and production houses and magazines/newspapers coming up every day, a career in mass communication will provide ample opportunity to try out all the subfields and correlate to one’s own specialization and choice.


To improve thinking skills- Study of mass communication will help you in resolving conflicts and boost your confidence in public speaking and will teach you in being patient and calm. You’ll think better, if you are filled with the right information.


To circulate information- Mass communication is communicating with the masses. It is a dominant force in the circulation of governance principles and policies which the masses of the people are dependent and need to hear. This helps in the decision-making process of the masses.


It helps to maintain social contact and linkage- Living in a diverse world with many languages spoken at regional and global levels, it is crucial for the use of mass communication to transmit news and all necessary information to people of different castes, races, and tribes. It is the duty of journalists to relay the right information and its source to all the people despite the differences in race or caste.


To describe diplomatic roles- Mass communication presents diplomatic paths of peacekeeping and development activities. It seeks to mobilize chaos and seeks to adopt diplomacy in times of crisis and chaos. It provides the world with views and opinions which the citizens co-opt as their own.



Creating and providing a public opinion- Mass communication creates opinions for masses. They provide the tools required to keep a check on public opinions and policy formation. It creates an audience of its own which relies on them for extensive information, entertainment and infotainment and helps the masses to act accordingly.