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Let us take heed how we laugh without reason, lest we cry with it

About Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is a renowned novelist and short story writer of the 20th century Victorian England. His works showcase the atrocities of post-revolution life and the struggle underwent by the working class. His novels have a glimpse of familial bonds, urge for freedom, and an individual’s hustle to earn his daily bread. His famous works include Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, Tale of Two Cities, etc. All his work has marvelous characters, portraying people known to him.

About Martin Chuzzlewit

The main trait of Chuzzlewit’s family is selfishness. Martin and Anthony were real brothers. Anthony’s son, Jonas, was eager to possess his father’s wealth. On the other side, Martin’s grandson turned into a model of selfishness. Martin being a kind-hearted older man, adopted a girl named Mary Graham and secretly wish that Mary and his grandson fell in love with each other. 

After a disagreement, Martin throws his grandson out of the house. Then young Martin decided to become an architect with the help of Pecksniff. Mr. Pecksniff considered young Martin a possible suitor for one of his daughters. Yet Martin fell in love with Mary, one of Pecksniff’s daughters. At the end of the story, Martin married Mary. The old Martin and his grandson reconciled.

Genre: Costume Drama

Tone: Satiric 

Type: Fiction | Novel

Year of publication: 1844


Martin Chizzelwit Significant Characters



  • Martin Chizzelwit (Senior)


He is a rich older man descended from his family for selfishness.


  • Young Martin Chizzlewit


He is the main character of the story, a selfish young man who expected the death of his grandfather for wealth.


  • Anthony Chuzzlewit


He is old  Martin’s brother, a cunning and suspicious man.


  • Mary Graham


Old Martin adopted her and expected his grandson to fall in love with her.


  • Seth Pecksniff


An architect, though he never builds anything, he is an entirely self-seeking person.

Martin Chizzelwit Famous Quotes

  • It’s as well to be kind whenever one can
  • The loveliest things in life are but shadows; they come and go, and change and fade away
  • There is nothing I would not have given you to have had you deserve my old opinion of you, nothing!
  • He’s enough to turn the very beer in the casks sour with his looks

Martin Chizzelwit Significant Themes

  • Greed: “The love of self” as portrayed by the Chuzzlewit family
  • Fraud: Each character commits fraud tasks to gain surplus money and power
  • Murder: Characters conduct crime thinking it to be the only way to get what one desires