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How to Write a Poetry | 9 Ultimate Tips 

Poetry is a set of words arranged as per a particular rhyming scheme to portray an emotion or a state of feeling on a particular subject. Ben Jonson defines poetry as “speaketh somewhat above a mortal mouth. “

Know your Purpose

Before writing any piece of art, one has to sit back and realize the purpose of writing it. This helps find related ideas better.  To know how to write poetry, one has to first know what and why to write about it. For instance, right now, everyone is in quarantine due to the harmful effects of covid19. So, the theme of solitude and isolation will cater to the audience better. With this purpose, writing poetry will find the right way. 

Analyze your Surroundings

Writing poetry demands an analysis of what you see and hear around you. So, as a poet, you have to give an ear to all that surpass. While everyone else walks past the things and unnoticed the minute details of anything, the poet loses upon nothing. To write poetry that the audience connects to instantly requires a lot of detailing on the poet’s part. For that, the poet’s mind becomes a cloud of ideas that give birth to creativity. 

Don’t be Cliched

Poetry is an expression of an individual’s unique thinking. So, one must keep things natural instead of adding cliche terms to make it look fancy. While writing poetry, try to put in words that make it your unique composition. For instance, instead of calling rose a token of love, call it an epitome of devotion and sacrifice. 

Be Sentimental

While knowing how to write poetry, you must know the correct use of sentiments. Poetry is a sentiment of one’s heart that makes way to others with the expression of feeling. Be it any poetry that you write; you have to put in sentiments to it. This is the key to connect that poetry is required to establish with the readers. 

Make Use of Imagery

Poetry is never just a group of words expressed with emotion. But, poetry has a lot of imagery in it. The use of sight, sound, smell, and touch make it personalized.

Add Metaphors and Similes

Comparing your ideas with an adjacent idea makes them stand more clear and concrete. If you question how to write poetry using the right figurative speech, make use of words like as hot as the sun gives an edge to the initial idea.

Replace Abstract Words with Concrete Words

Use concrete words like ‘her smile is like the flower of the first bloom’ instead of ‘her smile is pretty.’ Adding abstract words do poetic justice to your work.

Lay a Clear Theme

Don’t beat the bush, rather have a clear theme on which you base your poetry.  Try to take current themes to help readers relate better with your ideas.

Pay Heed to the Rhyming Scheme

The last thing in knowing how to write poetry, the poet has to know the correct usage of the rhyming scheme. Every poem has its own rhyming scheme that is to be followed throughout. So, put emphasis on the correct usage of it in your poetry.