How to Write a Memoir Like a Professional

How to Write a Memoir Like a Professional

Being a social being, we determine to keep an account of all our life moments with us. The best way to maintain our memories forever is by writing a memoir. Now how to write a memoir in a way that the reader gets a clear glimpse of all the past happenings. It takes some time to get a knack of the memoir-writing skills. To know better ways to write it, it is essential to understand the formatting structure of a memoir. Writing a memoir allows you to showcase your emotions and feelings to your readers and leave a long-lasting impact on them. Here are a few crucial ways on how to write a memoir like a professional. But first, know what a memoir means. 

What is a Memoir?

A memoir is a form of literary non-fiction document which an author uses to make an account of their life. According to Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms, Murfin and Ray say that the memoirs are personalized accounts that tend to focus on what the writer has witnessed on his or her own life, character, and developing self. 

Given below are the main points on how to write a memoir like a professional. 

Main Tips to Write a Memoir 

Focus on the Moments

A memoir is a series of moments that focus on a special moment or a series of moments. To know how to write a memoir like a professional, you should focus on your life events. That is, don’t let a moment slip by just like that. Keep track of all the small and big happenings in your life.  Maintain a memoir that has all that you witness in your day-to-day life to ensure the authenticity of your life happenings.

Add More than Just your Story

Don’t make your memoir central to yourself. Add more of what happens around you to make your story more interesting. Another essential tip for writing a memoir is to say more than the story. No doubt, a memoir is an account of your life narrative, but it is also a type of autobiography. That is, you write what you feel. So, make it more of an opinionated version of your daily life. Add segments of your story.  

Be True

Another important rule in how to write a memoir is to be true to oneself. No matter how the outer world perceives you, your inner-self keeps a note of all that precedes. If you want your readers to relate with your life, be as reliable and truthful as possible. Don’t make your memoir fictional. Keep your memoir like an open diary on a ledge to be read by the people who surround you. Just quote all that you witness in your everyday life in the simplest form possible. 

Highlight your Personal Growth

Make your memoir more motivational by involving your growth map, pointing out how you improved over time. That is, a memoir will serve its purpose well when you narrate your journey towards improvement. Your readers will get inspired to walk in your shoes and explore the value of personal growth in the life of a human being. If you know how to write a memoir that advances others towards perfection, you know the theme central to the story.

Think Like your Reader

If you put yourself in your reader’s shoes, you can create an emotional journey of your life that inspires them. While thinking like your reader, you ought to write what they have in their minds. When your thought-process synchronizes with that of your reader, the purpose of writing a memoir satisfies. 

List the Events in Progression

Make your readers know all about the stated moment. They look for who was involved, how, where, what happened next, etc. Be more elaborative while writing about various life moments. List all the events as they proceed.