Explore Synonyms With Its Uses And Examples 


Synonyms are those words or phrases that mean the same to one another. They are likely to be used for upgrading the quality of writing and communication. A word can have more than one synonym: admire, love, and adore all means the same. When we choose to use synonyms, we chase the variety of words that would positively impact readers/listeners.

Formation Of  Synonyms

The word “Synonyms” in itself is the contribution of the Greek language.SYN means the same, and NYM indicates the name that makes up the same name or same meaning words. No doubt they become the savior to using normal words again and again.



Synonyms are growing every day. New words are coming into the dictionary every other day. let’s explore some examples:


Normal sentences Using synonyms.
Racheal said, “I am tired of reading this book.” Racheal stated, “I am tired of reading this book.”
He is happy to have his new pet. He is glad to have his new pet.
Sidhi went through a funny incident. Sidhi went through a hilarious incident


In the above table, you can see how normal sentences could be converted into interesting and well-read ones. Hence synonyms have the power to bind readers altogether.


Why do I prefer using synonyms?


Synonyms make the English language more interesting. Therefore, rather than using common or overused words, it focuses upon using synonymous terms.


  • It makes any simple sentence more entertaining.
  • Avoids repeating words.
  • Strengthen the beauty of sentences.
  • Make reading more interesting and smart.
  • Helps you to boost your scores in literature.
  • It is a more expressive way to pen down words.


How Synonyms Are Part Of Speech?

Synonyms are used in different parts of speech by other writers.

  • Noun: cat and kitty.
  • Shall I take the cat?
  • Shall I take the kitty?


  • Adjective: important and chief
  • The reason is important.
  • The reason is chief.


  • Adverb: quickly and fast.
  • Racheal runs quickly.
  • Racheal runs fast.


  • Preposition: on and upon
  • Upon arrival, take a ticket.
  • On arrival, take a ticket.


Hence, you can see how different words ( synonyms) could be used for other parts of speech. 


How to learn synonyms?


The standard test for synonyms is substitution. One word could easily be used in place of another without changing the meaning of the sentence. Accordingly, you can easily search synonyms by various top websites like :

  1. Thesaurus.
  2. Synonyms.com


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