Different Types of Literature

Different Types of Literature One Can Study

Literature is a broad term for the written and vocal readings of the worldly happenings. Derived from the Latin word literature means “writing formed with letters.” It refers to works that take in creative imagination to write various types of literature, including poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction, etc. The literature of any geographical location represents its culture and traditions. 

The famous literary works provide an imprinted view of human society. It gives an insight into the traditions of society. The different types of literature uprises from the works of great writers like Homer, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens, etc. Literature portrays the figure of speech, imagery, and symbolism that adds visual and auditory effects to the cinematics. To explain the main types of literature, here’s a list of the same. 


Story of a person written or told by that person. It records the life experience of the author that they live with throughout their life. In an autobiography, the author captures the essential elements that surround him. The autobiographical elements include familial bonds, real-life events, struggles, motivational moments, and relationships, etc.  


Another type of literature is the story of a person’s life written or told by another person. In this form of writing, the author collects the personal account of the person they’re writing about. While writing a biography, the author seeks to recreate the life events of the concerned person by analyzing and opinionating on it. 


Fable is a type of literature that narrates a story and teaches moral lessons. It mostly has animal characters who resemble human beings. The main highlight of the fable is moral lessons that circumnavigate the story and explains the aspects of human life to us. 


The set of these novels are so different from the real world. It contains magic, sorcery, and mythical creature. Fantasy is a type of literature that involves what we imagine. For instance, we imagine things like dragons, unicorns, or something that doesn’t exist for real.  So, the author prepares a written account of the dreams and imagination of a person. 


A folktale refers to an old story that passes on from generation to generation within the culture. These are often superstitious and fairytales. This type of literature is for people who are interested in understanding the rich heritage of a particular region. 


Story-based on history, however, it is a mixture of facts and fiction. Legend is a type of literature that comes from the past events popularly regarded as the historical treatise. 


Myth is a sequence of traditional stories that a group accepted as sacred truth. It encompasses the historical events that portray the main practice and belief of people present around them.

Science Fiction

These stories examine how technology and science are affecting the world. This is the type of literature that impacts the science imagined by people with basic knowledge of science and technology.