8 Types of Adjectives | Basic English Grammar 


Our English grammar textbooks have eight main parts of speech, out of which one is Adjective. Now, what are these adjectives? To help you understand the basics, the adjectives perform the function of modifying the noun and noun only by adding quality or quantity to it. Now, there are various types of adjectives, performing different roles in noun modification. In this guide, you’ll read the basics of these types with examples. 


Proper Adjectives

The first adjective type is proper adjectives. These are words that modify nouns and pronouns as a proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing. Similarly, a proper adjective is that the pronoun noun used as an adjective. 


For example; –


  • I love Thai Food. 
  • Things were such during Elizabethan times.
  • I’ve been studying American history. 


Descriptive Adjectives

The second type of adjective is descriptive adjectives. These are words that describe nouns or pronouns. These are adjective types that define the different qualities of the noun or pronoun, such as smell, taste, texture, appearance, and shape. 


For example:-


  • A tall building is standing in front of me. 
  • Brandan is an attractive person. 


Quantitative Adjectives

These are words that qualify a noun or pronoun by quantity. These types of adjectives answer the question, “How much?” Some of the quantitative adjectives include no, little, much, sufficient, enough, etc. 


  • I drank little juice at breakfast. 
  • People don’t get enough sleep these days. 


Numeral Adjectives

These adjectives are words describing nouns or the order of nouns. These adjectives describe the number of nouns or order of nouns. Moreso, these adjectives also define the order of the noun. That is, how many or how much noun is in. 



  • There are seven days a week. 
  • I had two pens in my box. 


Demonstrative Adjectives

These adjectives express the relative position of a noun in time/space. The main types of demonstrative adjectives are this, that, these, those, etc. 



  • Will you give me that pen? 
  • These books are mine.
  • Those boys belong to my class.


Distributive Adjectives

These are words referring to members of a group as an individual. The four main distributive adjectives include each, every, either, neither, etc. Also, the distributive adjectives are similar to the numeral adjectives. 



  • Each student must submit their assignments on time. 
  • Either side of the river is safe. 
  • Neither of us is good at mathematics. 


Interrogative Adjectives

These are words used to modify nouns. The main interrogative adjectives are what, whose, which, etc. 


  • What book is that for?
  • Where is my pen?


Possessive Adjectives 

These are words placed before nouns. The most common possessive nouns include my, your, his, her, their, etc. 



  • I did my work on time. 

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