6 Proven Hacks To Conquer Your Child’s Math Anxiety (1)

6 Proven Hacks To Conquer Your Child’s Math Anxiety

Doing math can cause feelings of stress, fear, and apprehension, which is known as math anxiety. The MARS (Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale) and the FSMAS ( Fennema-Sherman Mathematics Attitudes Scale) are two measures of mathematical anxiety developed by scientists.

In math anxiety, a child is not necessarily “bad at math”, but the stress they feel in math class and the avoidance tactics they used to minimize the amount of math they have to do, means they rarely get the practice they need to become fluent in math.

An approach based on research to combat math anxiety

Parents can offer their children a great deal of support and assistance when it comes to math anxiety, according to research. In the infographic below, parents will find 6 science-backed, practical tips to help them overcome their child’s math anxiety.

6 Proven Hacks To Conquer Your Child’s Math Anxiety


1. Become involved

Studies show that parents who are actively involved in their child’s education increase the student’s success in school.

2. Foster a growth mindset

When it comes to learning math, studies show that effort trumps ability, so set high expectations when guiding the child.

3. Think positively about math

Parents’ perceptions of mathematics influence both their children’s feelings about mathematics and their achievements in mathematics.

4. Dismantle gender stereotypes

As you point out the accomplishments of both female and male scientists, your child can gain math confidence.

5. Real-life math should be relevant

Your family uses math every day, so talk about how math skills will lead to a wider range of career options.

6. Don’t rush the process

Encourage your child to learn new topics by gradually building upon what he or she already knows. Build math learning  confidence in your child by encouraging gradual, repeated success.