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What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a type of essay writing that aims to persuade the readers to form an opinion or take one side. The writer uses hard facts and emotional appeals to reach out to readers. In a persuasive essay, a writer can include moral and emotional reasoning to support an argument or cause.

Persuasive essays can be both forms of academic writing as well as personal writing. The common format of a persuasive essay is that It starts with an attractive introduction followed by body paragraphs and a conclusion. 

Generally, the essay starts with a question and with a firm statement backed up with facts and research data. In addition, the writer needs to explore the opposite side of an argument. And, the reason for exploring the other side of an argument is to understand the cause of the counterargument. 


4 Biggest Challenges Students Face in Writing a Persuasive Essay


Challenge 1 – Defining the Thesis Statement

For many students writing a thesis statement can be a nightmare. Students have a habit of procrastinating to form a thesis statement as much as they can. Since the thesis statement plays a vital role in persuasive essays it can not be avoided for long. 

A well written thesis statement should contain the point of view of the students. It should be clear to the audience what to expect in the following paragraphs. Students who are facing difficulties in writing the thesis statement can choose online thesis writing services.  


Challenge 2 – Working With Counterargument 

Strong persuasive essays are those that contain all the answers to all the counterarguments. The student expected to deal with all the questions and support their thesis statement with facts and evidence. 

Overlooking any counterargument in a persuasive essay can make your thesis statement weaker. Hence, it leaves an opening for another side to convince the readers.


Challenge 3 – Time Management

One of the biggest challenges for students is managing their time. Persuasive essays require in-depth understanding and research to form a high quality essay. Besides, dealing with the pressure of deadlines can stress out students.

Students who have a hectic schedule and are unable to complete their essay writing homework within the deadline. We encourage them to choose online writing services as a helping hand to boost their scores. 


Challenge 4 – Taking a Clear Position

In thesis statements, students often struggle with stating specific views. In essay writing homework students are required to pick one side of a persuasive essay. And, try to convince the audience with appropriate evidence. 

Often many students are not able to decide which side they should support and this results in a late submission. Hence, low grades and poor performance. 


7 Steps for Forming a Well Written Persuasive Essay


Step 1 – Pick a Topic You Have An Interest In 

The very first step in persuasive essay writing homework is to choose your topic. Choosing a topic in which you have little to no knowledge can make your essay writing homework 10x harder. Furthermore, it is always recommended to choose a topic you can relate to. And, the reason is It will help you to write your essay with better examples to support your thesis statement. 

When you choose a topic you have an interest in, you find the research work more enjoyable. It also makes writing a persuasive essay easier for you. Since you have already been quite informed on the topic of your essay. Moreover, with good knowledge and understanding, it will make your work easy and efficient. 


Step 2 – Choose Your Side

The next step in persuasive essay writing is choosing a topic as well as the side you will support. 

If you choose a familiar topic with a basic understanding and knowledge. It will make the entire process much easier. You should choose a topic that appeals to you and have plenty of resources available. So, you won’t be left to scramble much at the time of your research for facts and evidence.


Step 3 – Research Both Sides of the Argument

It is a must for students to have knowledge of both sides of the argument. Because it will help you to convince the reader to agree with your thesis statement. There is a chance that the audience may be completely stuck in their ways. The knowledge of both sides of the argument helps you to deal with the counterarguments.

The process required a lot of time researching and exploring. Students who have time constraints often choose online essay writing services to complete their homework before the deadline.


Step 4 – Write an Attractive Introduction

Your introduction will be the first paragraphs your readers are gonna read. And, your introduction is the first chance to make a good impression. The introduction consists of 3 elements 

  • Hook line
  • Present your topic
  • Thesis statement

Hook Line: The hook line plays a vital role in making the interest of your audience in your essay. It is your first and only chance to hook the audience and motivate them to read your entire persuasive essay.  You should form a well written and high quality first line. So, the reader can not stop themself to reading your entire content.

Present Your Topic: You need to give an overview of the topic to your audience. 

Thesis Statement: Without any doubt, a thesis statement is the most important element of the entire essay. It will help the audience to understand your opinion and expect what is coming in the following paragraphs.


Step 5 – Build Your Argument in Body Paragraphs

The main content of your essay will appear in the body section. The main motive of the student is to present all the facts and evidence to support their thesis. Students need to present their research work and deal with the counterarguments. 

Often a well formed body section will contain 3 main sections

  • Key Sentence
  • Supporting Sentences 
  • Closing Sentences

This is the section in which you will answer the opposing opinions and why they should be discarded. So make sure to support your claims with credible or relevant information. 


Step 6 – Conclude With a Firm Conclusion

A conclusion is the final piece of your persuasive essay writing assignment that summarizes the entire work. The conclusion should contain all the key points you present in your essay. And, offer your final impression of the central idea of the essay.

A good conclusion must perform the following key points

  • Restate your thesis
  • Synthesize or summarize your major points
  • Make the context of your argument clear

Step 7 – Proofread Is Must

Proofreading is the vital and the last step that must be taken before a document can be considered complete. It helps you to check what you have included and written in your essay. 

In addition, it gives students a chance to review and make modifications.

The process of proofreading improves the quality of the content. Without proofreading a document there is a huge risk of making errors. Hence, it can cost students their valuable grades.


While proofreading you should keep your eyes for

  • Grammatical error
  • Capitalization error
  • Numbering error
  • Spelling error
  • Inconsistency in the format
  • Misplaced words
  • Sentence structure error
  • Punctuation mistakes

Final Words

To conclude, we have discussed what is a persuasive essay and its elements. We have also covered the challenges and difficulties faced by students in their academic writing. For writing a high quality essay students must choose a topic of their interest. If you follow our steps in the chronological sequence it will help you to score your desired grades. 

In case you are still facing any difficulty, we encourage you to choose online writing services from Homework Minutes. We offer our easy writing service to students in need at an affordable price. Our mission is to provide essay writing assistance to students and help them to boost their goals.