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6 Best Essay Writing Tips for Students

Many students frequently find the assignment to be excessively challenging, whether writing an essay is necessary for class, a grant, or even a contest. Even though writing an essay is a substantial project, there are various methods a student can take to divide the work into more digestible chunks. 

The simplest approach to writing a successful essay, no matter what its aim, is to follow this process. There are seven steps to producing an effective essay, according to Kathy Livingston’s Guide to Writing a Basic Essay.  Or a student can hire essay writing services from Homework Minutes for getting good grades. 


Best Essay Writing Tips for Students  


1. Select a topic

You might be given free rein to write on whatever you like, or you might have a topic prescribed to you. Consider the type of paper you want to write if the topic is given.

If the topic is given, think about the type of paper you want to write. If necessary, focus more narrowly.

You have a little more work to do if you haven’t been given a topic. This opportunity also gives you the benefit of being able to choose a subject that interests you or is relevant to your life. Establish your goal first. Your essay should either persuade or educate readers.

Consider your life. What do you find interesting? Write these topics down.

Lastly, weigh your options. If your goal is to educate, pick a subject that you have already done your research on. Select a topic that is close to your heart if you want to persuade. Make sure you are interested in the topic, regardless of the essay’s intended audience. 

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2. Draw a diagram or an outline of your thoughts

If you want to write a successful essay, you must organize your ideas. When you take what is already in your thoughts and put it on paper, you can more quickly identify linkages and interconnections between concepts.

This concept provides the framework for your essay. Use a graphic or an outline to capture and organize your ideas.

Write your topic in the center of the page to start a diagram. At the conclusion of every three to five lines that depart from this theme, put your main ideas. As you derive more conclusions from these fundamental ideas, be sure to include any other ideas you may have.

If you’d rather create an outline, write your topic at the top of the page. After that, list your main points, separating each with a space.

For each main topic in this area, be careful to include any supporting information. You’ll be able to see connections and produce a better-organized essay by doing this.

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3. Write your thesis statement

You must create a thesis statement after choosing a subject and organizing your ideas into useful categories. Your thesis statement can be used to infer the essay’s goal for the reader. Examine your flowchart or outline. What are the key concepts?

Your thesis will consist of two sections. The topic is presented in the first section, and the purpose of the essay is presented in the second. A suitable thesis statement, for instance, may be, “Bill Clinton has had an impact on the future of our country via his two consecutive terms as President of the United States.” if you were writing about Bill Clinton and his influence on the United States.

This is another illustration of a thesis statement from the scholarship essay on “Winning Characteristics”.

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4 – Write the body down

The body of your essay makes a case for, clarifies, or describes your issue. Each key idea that you included in your diagram or outline will have its own section in the body of the essay.

Every body paragraph will follow the same basic format. Your opening sentence should be one of your main points. Next, write each of your supporting points as a whole sentence.

However, leave three to four lines between each one so you may come back to them later and add examples to back up your assertions. To help connect disparate thoughts together, fill up these gaps with pertinent information.  

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5 – Lay down an introduction  

Now that your thesis and the full and final structure of your essay are ready, it’s for noting down the introduction. Now this segment of your project must be attractive and should catch the attention of the readers and must illustrate the main areas of your essay. 

Start with something that catches the attention of the reader. One can use stats, quote, a summary of what can a reader expect from the topic, etc. Out of every option available, assure that it is related to your thesis statement and should be added in the ending words of your introduction. 

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6. Make the last adjustments

The conclusion puts an end to the discussion, summarizes your main points, and offers one last viewpoint on the subject. Three to five well-written sentences make up a conclusion. Summarize your key points and provide proof to back up your claim.

If you write the conclusion first, you could think your essay is done. Wrong. You must pay close attention to every little detail before deeming this an accomplished product.

Verify the logical flow of your paragraphs. The first and last paragraphs of the body should contain your strongest arguments, with the other paragraphs sitting somewhere in the center. Additionally, check that the paragraph order makes logic. If your essay is explaining a process, such as how to make a wonderful chocolate cake, be sure that your paragraphs are in the right order. 

If there are any, go over the essay’s instructions. You should examine directions twice to make sure your essay is formatted according to requirements because many teachers and scholarship applications have various requirements.

Examine your writing once more. Once you’ve read your document a second time, make sure it makes sense. Incorporate phrases to help connect ideas or thoughts, and make sure sentences flow effortlessly. Check your essay for spelling and grammar mistakes. 

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