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QUESTION 18 ABC company’s market value of common stock

Tutorial # 00076564
Number of words in this Tutorial: 691
Posted On: 07/12/2015 08:19 AM
Posted By: paul911
Tutorial Preview …your xxxxxx rounded xxx to two xxxxxxx points Do xxx enter x xx comma xx the answer xxx For example, xx your xxxxxx xx $12 xxx then enter xx 12 35 xx the xxxxxx xxx 

QUESTION xxxxx risk-free rate xx 6 4%, xxx market xxxx xxxxxxx is x 5%, and xxx stock’s beta xx 1 xx xxxx is xxx cost of xxxxxx stock (Ke)?
Note: xxxxx your xxxxxx xxxxxxx off xx two decimal xxxxxx Do not xxxxx % xx xxx answer xxx For example, xx your answer xx 0 xxxxx xxxx enter xx 12 35 xx the answer xxx 

QUESTION xxxxx xxxx to xxxxxx a portfolio xx risky as xxx market xxxxxxx xxx invest xxxx money in xxxxxx A, B, xx and xxx xxxxxxxxx asset xxxxxxx your investment xx Stock C xx e xxxxx xxx weight xx Stock C)? xxxxxxxxxxxx Weights Beta
A xx 1 xxxxxxxxx xx 0 xxxxxxxxx ? 1 xxxxxxxxxx ?…
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