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Tutorial # 00007104
Posted On: 01/28/2014 10:08 AM
Posted By: spqr
Tutorial Preview …value xx the xxxxxxxxxxx Since the xxxxx is given xx m x xx the xxxxxxxx for this xxxx has the xxxxx y x xx + x Substituting in xxx given point xxx 2) xxxxxx x = xxxx + b x = 3 x b xxxxxxx xxx b xxxxxx b = x – 3 x = xx xxxxxxxxxxxx this xxxxx of b xxxx the equation xxxxxx y x xx – x Solution: y x 2x – x 5 xxxx xxx graph xx the following xxxxxx function and xxxx the xxxxxx xxx range: xxxx = - xxxxx This line xxx a xxxxx xx -1/2, xxx a y-intercept xx 5 Plot x point xx xxx 5) xxxx move one xxxx to the xxxxxx and x xxxxx down, xxx plot a xxxxxx point at xxx 3) xxx xxxxx of xxx line looks xxxx this: The xxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx is xxx real numbers xx interval notation, xxx domain xx xxxx ?) xxx range of xxx function is xxxx all xxxx xxxxxxx In xxxxxxxx notation, the xxxxx is (-?, xx 6 xxxxx xxx following xxxxxxxxx | x| x 3 By xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxx x x 3 and x = -3 x Evaluate xxx xxxxxxxxx expression xxxx x = x and y x 2: xxx xxx x² x Substituting x x 3 and x = x xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx gives: Solution: xx 8 Completely xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx 16x^4 xxx 81y^4 This xx the difference xx two xxxxxxx xxx…
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