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Tutorial # 00005008
Posted On: 12/12/2013 12:04 PM
Posted By: spqr
Tutorial Preview …dual xxxxx is x c The xxxxxxxxxx side range xxx constraint x xx 5 xx 11 As xxxx as the xxxxxxxxxx side xxxxx xxxxxx this xxxxxx the dual xxxxx of 2 xx applicable xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx side does xxx improve the xxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx solution, xxxxxxxxxx the right-hand xxxx of constraint x would x xxxxxxxxx d xx long as xxx right-hand side xx constraint x xx between x and 18, x unit increase xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxx will xxxxx the value xx the optimal xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx xx 3 x a Regular xxxxx = 500 xxxxxxxxxxx Mitt x xxx Value x 3700 b xxx finishing and xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx are xxxxxxx c Cutting xxx Sewing = x Finishing x x Packaging xxx Shipping = xx Additional finishing xxxx is xxxxx xx per xxxx and additional xxxxxxxxx and shipping xxxx is xxxxx xxx per xxxx d In xxx packaging and xxxxxxxx department xxxx…
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